Lip Care For A Gorgeous You

Lip Care

Lips are the most sensuous part of a woman. They ought to be soft, natural red and supple. These are many signs of healthy and beautiful lips and proper functioning of kidney and liver. So the lips alike other aspects of personality, need tender care.

Lip Care

Apply lip balm or petroleum jelly daily. It won’t harm your lip skin rather it will moisturise them. Some people tend to lick their lips consciously or unconsciously. Please do not do that. Saliva contains salt, it dries your lips and the cuts and wrinkles become visible. So always apply a lip balm or a gloss to change your habit.

Some also bite their lips, when angry or depressed. You roughen the smooth surface of your lips that leads to bleeding and colourlessness. Let them be pink if not natural red. You may even apply fresh cream on your lips. They are the best natural moisturiser.

apply fresh cream

If your lips look chapped or mild rust colour, it is time to remove your dead skin, apply petroleum jelly on the lips; previous night and the next day in the morning use a tooth brush to remove the dead skin from the lips.

Always use good and branded products, enriched with Vitamin E. Use a lip balm first and then apply lipstick with gloss. It enhances your look as well as keeps them hydrated and moisturised for a long time.

Use lip balm

Also, when removing make up; use a cleansing milk to remove the lip colour. After that use rose water to remove the greasy part of milk. Never change your brands. Opt for those which suit your skin and tone.

Smoke less if you are a chain smoker. The shape and colour both lose appeal and even doctor wouldn’t help you later. Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juice to keep the lips hydrated. Eat lots of vegetables as they are source of vitamins.

Eat vegetables

Be natural; if you don’t wish to apply colours on lips go for transparent lip gloss. If your lips are too thin, then outline them with a lip pencil, contrast it with lip colour. It will give you luscious lips. Also don’t go for piercing or tattooing of lips if you are not prepared for it.

lip gloss

To make your lips red apply crushed rose petals with glycerine the night before; if your lips are rust or black then apply honey glycerine and lemon juice on it a night before. This will make your lips dry. Do not follow it frequently. You may use these lip care tips twice or thrice a week. Keep natural, keep beautiful.

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