5 Look Beautiful With The Right Foundation Makeup

5 Look Beautiful With The Right Foundation Makeup

In the pursuit of beauty most women invest their time and money in purchasing and applying quite a number of beautifying cosmetics regularly.One of the most essential and prime such cosmetic is a foundation that effectively enhances our complexion and makes it glowing and flawless.

Often women commit the cardinal sin of buying a foundation that is a shade or 2 lighter than their actual skin tone. However, it may look very artificial and washed out when applied. Here is a step by step guide to look beautiful with the right application of foundation:

Look Beautiful With The Right Foundation Makeup

Choose Wisely

It is very important to choose the right kind of foundation for your skin type. Primarily determine your skin type if it is oily, dry or sensitive. Generally people with oily skin should use oil-free or matte based foundations. Pressed or Compact powder foundations are also good for oily and combination skinned individuals.


Dry or mature skin types should stick to more dewy textures that will give a healthy glow and hide patchiness from face. People with sensitive skin should read the ingredients before choosing their foundation and should look for terms like hypoallergenic and paraben-free.

Again choosing the exact shade that matches your complexion is equally necessary or you will end up looking whitewashed.Try to test the foundation around your jawline before purchasing.The one that exactly matches your skin tone is the ideal one. Often it is seen that women with olive or golden undertones are better matched to yellowish foundations, while the ones with pink or reddish undertones gets complemented with pink and beige based foundations.

Create Base

Before applying foundation it is very necessary to make your skin suitable to withstand makeup.Start off with a clear skin and try to cleanse skin with a gentle facial cleanser.

Moisturize Regularly And Generously

Then hydrate the skin with a good moisturizer that is ideal for your skin type. Remember to hydrate does not mean to layer your face with greasy creams; rather it means to make your skin supple and soft.

Prime Properly

You don’t want your makeup to be runny and fade easily. Invest in a good primer that not only will help to hold the makeup for longer hours but will also refine the texture of your skin by smoothening pores and lines.It gives a velvety texture that makes your face an ideal canvas for smooth coverage.
lot of foundation

Apply Carefully

The best way to apply foundation is with a moist sponge. But it needs a lot of expertise so beginners can try to apply with a good foundation brush with angled swiping strokes from left to right. Some girls can use their fingertips to create perfect makeup base.

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Blend until it gets absorbed and looks naturally radiant. Often it is seen that foundations alone cannot hide imperfections. Here comes concealer for your rescue. Dab small amounts of concealer on the target spots like blemishes and under eye circles.With the help of a concealer brush lightly blend the colour until it gets absorbed and perfectly blends with the foundation.Remember to pick a concealer that exactly matches your foundation shade.

Set Perfectly

After you are through with your makeup it is time to make it last long and stay perfect. Take a loose powder and apply with a soft fluffy brush with circular strokes all over your face.

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The key is to blend and blend until it looks natural.The worst thing to look is chalky and pale.You can set your makeup with a spritz of setting spray as well as it will make it last for a long time. This is how you can go for a perfectly natural look choosing the right kind of foundation for radiant and glowing makeup.