8 Tips To Look Chic In A High Waisted Skirt

Tips To Look Chic In A High Waisted Skirt

The high-waisted skirt has become a new wardrobe essential. They add curves to your figure, hide a muffin top and elongate your torso.

Body Types That Are Not Apt For Wearing High Waisted Skirts

These skirts work well for most body shapes. But avoid wearing this skirt, if you have a short torso. Since it sits high on the waist, it will make your torso look even shorter. If your waist is your biggest part, unfortunately the high waist skirt will not look very good on you. Otherwise you can wear this skirt irrespective of whether you are short or have a flabby tummy or if you have chunky legs or big hips.

How To Look Great In High Waisted Skirt

So how do you incorporate this look into your wardrobe? Below are some useful tips that will help you wear a high-waisted skirt with poise and elegance.

Pick The Right Type

There is the pleated skirt, A-line skirt, bubble hem skirt, fitted skirt, gored skirt and tulip shape skirt. Choose a skirt that suits your body shape. Avoid tulip and bubble hem skirts if you have big hips and chunky thighs. Instead go for A-lines and gored shapes.

Pick The Right Type

Decide The Length Carefully

If you have long legs, wear mid-calf length skirts. If you have short legs, wear a mini skirt as it will visually lengthen your legs.

Wear mid-calf length skirts

Avoid Wearing Skirts That Are Too High-waisted

The perfect style is to wear a skirt that starts just around your natural waist. Some women (even celebs) wear skirts that start where their boobs end. Please avoid this folly!

Avoid Wearing Skirts That Are Too High-waisted

Experiment With Tops

You can wear a fitted top tucked into your waistline. It will hug you at the waist to create an artificial slim waist. Wear plain tops or patterned tops but don’t go for crazy prints. You can also wear a capsleeve tee, a vest or a cute blouse. Another cool option is to wear off the shoulder tops. They will look really cute. I guarantee. Button-up shirts with buttons or gem stones in the middle also work well with this look.

If you’re wearing a fitted skirt, wear a collared shirt. But please don’t wear a boring black fitted skirt with a white collared shirt. Believe me; somebody will definitely mistake you for a waitress!In winter, wear a jacket or cardigan over a plain shirt.

Wear a collared shirt

You can wear a jacket that ends where your thighs start. You can also wear a coat or cardigan that hits your mid-thigh. Tie the ends of the coat up or just leave it unbuttoned and free to fall. Take this look a step further by leaving the cardigan open and wearing a belt over it at the waist.

Don’t Forget To Wear Shape Underwear Like Spanx

They flatten your tummy to make the high waist skirt look perfectly fitted on your body. You can also wear elastic waistbands that define your waist.

Wear elastic waistbands that define your waist

Wear A Belt

With the help of a belt, skirts that aren’t originally high-waisted can be belted high above your waist to create this look.

Wear A Belt

Wear Suspenders

Suspender like straps are an interesting addition to a fitted high waisted skirt.

Wear Suspenders

Play Around With Shoes

Wear ballets for a casual look and dainty heels for a formal look. Ankle-length boots and wedges will also look hip. To make the look interesting add a pair of stockings. I hope you will keep these tips in mind to create an outfit that you love and that will draw you compliments.

Play Around With Shoes

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