Look Naturally Beautiful With the Right Foundation Makeup

Foundation is the only cosmetic applied on the face before starting to do complete makeup. Foundation serves as the base which helps the face to get a brighter look after the makeup is complete.

You should select the correct shade of foundation so that it suits your complexion and skin type. After applying foundation, your face must have a natural look. Only then will the foundation actually blend with the face complexion. You should get flawless and smooth skin. Your cosmetic should not create artificial look.

There are lots of brands available. If you suffer with some skin allergies, you can use allergy-tested foundation. You can use foundation specially designed for oily skin. If you want your foundation to stay for longer time, you can go for stay-on foundation. Foundation actually hides the marks on skin and gives a smooth texture to your skin.

Different types of foundation are listed below:

Coverage types:

Sheer: It is light weight and offers a minimal coverage of the skin. It leaves your skin very soft.
Medium:it gives standard coverage, which ranges from light coverage to medium coverage. After applying this, you can build upon it with some other things such as powder etc.
Heavy: it covers almost all the skin. It is actually on par with concealer, but you should be careful in choosing a matching color.

Tinted moisturizers: Tinted moisturizers are suitable for all skin types. These are the moisturizers with a little tint on them. It also contains sunscreen which will help you in protection against harmful UV rays. It is easy to use also. There is no need to use moisturizer daily because this foundation type is a moisturizer. Clean your hands and then apply this foundation or use brush to apply this type of makeup.

Liquid foundation: It is best for natural look. It is commonly used for daily purposes. Choose the liquid foundation that suits your natural face complexion. Yellow based fits many women and it is the most moving in the market.

Cream foundation: Cream foundation covers the skin properly and gives you an even look. It gets spread on the face evenly.

Powder foundation: This is the best option for you. It has a combined effect of powder and foundation. It leaves the face fresh for the entire day. It is best suited for oily skin.