Look Younger In Just 5 Simple Steps

Look Younger

Aging is a dreadful thought to women. That is why they take painful measures in order to maintain the youthful looks. It can be quite consuming mentally, emotionally and financially, if you know what I mean.

Look Younger

Tips And Beauty Tricks For A Younger-Looking You:

Here are some secrets that will keep you from going overboard, including the thought of getting Botox injections, in order to maintain a younger-looking you.

First: Get the right makeup. Makeup can do a lot to improve your appearance. What is important, though, is choosing the right color that will complement better your skin color and help you achieve a beautiful, fresh and youthful look.


Lipsticks come in a wide variety of colors. However, don’t just pick anything that captures your fancy. Get only the glossy and creamy ones. The same goes for choosing other makeup products like blushes and shadows. Both creamy and powder-type blends well and settles nicely in the creases and lines on your face.

Your eyes should be the most highlighted part of your face. Start by defining their contours by using eyeliner. Mascara should be applied and eyelashes curled perfectly. Get the best results by applying the mascara first and letting it dry before curling your lashes. In addition, do not pluck your eyebrows too much because hair re-growth becomes slows down as you get older.

Second: Get enough sleep. Avoid getting puffy eyes or huge eye bags by getting a good night’s sleep. Individual requirement is around 6-8 hours. While you are sleeping, your body keeps working to replace dead skin cells, so you are helping your skin when you get more sleep each night.


Third: Pearly white teeth. Smiling is one way to brighten your face and avoiding wrinkles. So smile with confidence and show off your pearly white teeth. You can either get a dental whitening procedure with your dentist or buy teeth-whitening products if your budget’s a little tight.


Fourth: Practice good posture: Yes, there is a proper way to stand and to sit. When you stand, do so with your back straight and erect, holding your stomach in, showing an air of confidence. Besides, you’ll make those love handles less noticeable.


One more thing: get a good hairdo, one that will make you look 10 years younger. For a hairstyle that is flattering to any facial shape, try growing your hair to a length level with your shoulder blades. You can add side bangs if you like.

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