Magical Advantages Of Microdermabrasion

Magical Advantages Of Microdermabrasion

Magical Advantages Of Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that uses Aluminium oxide crystals at high pressure to peel off the superficial layer of our skin and reduce the aging process. Many variations of this procedure are available.

From positive or negative pressures to use of sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride or magnesium oxide crystals instead of aluminium oxide. The depth of abrasion is determined by the pressure with which the crystals are being deposited on the skin and it also depends upon the density and distribution of the different types of blemishes. Following are the advantages of using the microdermabrasion technique.

Anti-Ageing Benefits

Prolonged exposure to sun results in premature aging signs like hyper pigmentation-due to increased melanin deposition- and uneven skin tones. This may also be the result of unhealthy lifestyle and excessive smoking.

Microdermabrasion lightens up these dark patches and smoothens out the rough surface giving a healthy looking and beautiful skin. However, in order to reap continued benefits from this technique use of sunblocks and other protective materials like umbrellas, hats etc are must.

Microdermabrasion is a miracle worker in removing preliminary wrinkles. It abrades the upper layer of the skin to reveal the inner fresher layer. It also induces the collagen cells to build up new tissues for a complete healing. After undergoing this treatment you develop a younger looking, firmer and smooth wrinkle free skin. A follow up moisturizing regime-suggested by your specialist- is needed for getting the maximum benefit.

Develop A Blemish Free Perfect Skin

Natural elements, lifestyle, hormonal imbalance and the aging process all contribute in one manner or other to leave reminders on our skin surface in form of acne, scars, fine lines, spots, black and white heads and a variety of other blemishes that mar the perfection.

Preventing some of them is in our hand; about others we can do nothing. Microdermabrasion seems a godsend in some of the cases. With regular application of this technique you will be able to remove many of these blemishes and spots. It exfoliates your skin to erode the ungainly minute protuberances like those caused by acne. It opens up the closed pores and removes dirt and grime from the skin surface. With prolonged usage you may be able to reduce cases of acne outbursts.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure which is completely safe. It is also not a long drawn out procedure. A single session typically lasts for around half an hour. In general skin treatment cases, the number of sessions required are very less however in comparatively difficult situations like acne removal you may have to go through comparatively more sittings.

There is no anaesthesia involved, so hassle free post-procedure care required mainly in the form of comprehensive moisturizing routines. There is immediate visible change in the skin texture. The blemishes are removed without any trauma to the epidermis since there is no scraping involved, rather it has been found to induce collagen tissue formation for a faster and even healing. Getting a younger looking flawless skin has never been this easy.