Maintaining Hair color

hairstyle-ideas-for-curly-hairThe main thing about colored hair is to maintain it well. Once hair starts growing, the roots show your true hair color. Hair grows at an average of half an inch to one inch every month. Hence, you need to check hair regularly to see if the color is fading at the roots.

Either make an appointment at the salon every month to get yours roots done or you can do it yourself at home. Regular touch up of color also gives your hair an added shine.

You need to color your hair depending on the type of color you use i.e. permanent or semi permanent. For the first color touch up, you need to color only the part that has grown recently. The next time you need to do your roots you also need to freshen up the color of the entire hair.

So first apply color to the roots and five minutes before you are due to wash the color off, apply the same to the rest of the hair. This ensures that your roots do not stand out from the rest of the hair color.

Highlights: These require the least amount of maintenance but provide the maximum impact in the colored hair category. The roots are not easily noticeable. It is enough if you redo it once in three months.

Fully colored hair: This requires a lot of maintenance especially if you have chosen a hair color vastly different from your own, for example a brunette coloring her blonde hair or vice versa. For a similar shade, you can wait up to six weeks for doing the roots while for a different shade you should touch up the color every month.

Gray hair: The frequency with which you need to color your hair depends on the amount of grays in your hair. If it is just a few strands of gray, then you need not color that often whereas if you have a lot of gray hair you need to touch up at least once a month if not more. If you are using a light blonde shade then the gray will not be as visible and touch up can be done a little later.