Make Up Beauty Tips

makeup beauty tipsUnless you learn the basics, no amount of makeup can look good. Every woman wants to learn the art of wearing makeup. There are days when you get everything right and then there are those when every possible thing goes wrong. Wearing makeup is more like an art.

Understand your face, your skin texture and skin tone really well to get your makeup absolutely right. There are many important things that you must take care of while wearing your makeup. These things go a long way in giving you the right look. Here are the 6 best makeup beauty tips.

Best Make Up Beauty Tips

Get Your Base Right

Make sure you buy the perfect foundation. Finding the right foundation matching your skin tone is almost like half battle won. Getting the right foundation is crucially important.


Use a primer as well and mix it well with your foundation. Primer and foundation are great for base. Foundation gives your skin an even tone while primer holds your makeup longer while covering blemishes.


Identify the flaw areas of your face and conceal them well. Use a good concealer to hide your dark circles, zits, marks or dark spots. Concealer is a must to get a flawless looking complexion. Always choose an orange concealer because it helps with your skin better. The beige ones tend to look muddy and unnatural.

Comb Your Eyebrows

comb eyebrows

Use a brow brush to comb your eyebrows well. Make sure you comb it up and across. Now apply eye brow shade or darken it using a brow pencil. This tip is mostly ignored by most women, but it is imperative to a good looking face because it defines your eyebrows better.



Blush is a great way of enhancing one’s cheekbones. It highlights the cheekbones and gives your face a new attraction. Choosing the right blush is very important as it can make or break your look. It is also important for you to learn how to apply it. Always choose something that you know how to use.

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Lipstick is said to be one of the most important things in makeup. It instantly redefines your face. Always start by applying some lip balm on your lips because they protect your lips from cosmetics by forming a protective layer.

lip liner

Define your lips well using a liner, it helps hold the lip colour in place. Choose a matching or contrasting lip colour. Apply it using a lip brush. Use a tissue and press it on your lips to remove excess lip colour. Now apply more lip colour and use the tissue again. Sprinkle some translucent powder as it holds lip colour in place for longer time.

Define Your Eyes

Defining your eyes is really important. A lot of people simply define their eyes these days. Use a good eye liner and highlight your eyes. You may either go for winged eyes or just simple highlighted eyes, based on your preference. Use kohl to further define your eyes.


Mascara is great for adding volume to your eye lids. If you are paying attention to your eyes, make sure you wear light lip colour to balance your eyes. Don’t forget to remove all your makeup using a good makeup remover. It is essential for everyone.