Make-up for Office-Simple and Quick

Personality does matter at work place and it must be understood that one must present one’s self in the best manner possible. Since it has almost become a part of the office decorum, make up at work must be pleasing to the eye and conducive to the work environment in its entirety.

Here is how to have an effective makeup for the office.

The first tip is to make you aware that investing time in make up for the office is futile because in the glare of the day, any defects in the makeup will be markedly visible. Therefore keep the makeup light. It is easy to acquire and maintain.

The first thing that you need to do is to clean your face thoroughly with cleansing milk. In case any cleansing milk is left, toner must be applied to remove the left over cleanser and do not forget to apply some moisturizer before you start makeup.

It is advised that you do not use any foundation or any cream but if you want to, then do not use a lot. Apply sparsely and in front of an open window and not inside the room. The daylight will highlight the features much better than any interior light can and will help you apply the foundation evenly.

If you have a smooth complexion, then you can add some water and toner to the foundation and then apply it a little on the face. Then apply powder and pat your cheeks with a powder brush.

Apply lipstick and then blot it with a blotting paper to reduce loud color tone and let it bear a natural look.

Apply powder on your face and then add blusher to the cheekbones, chin and the forehead. If a blusher is not available, you can apply a little lipstick and use a blotting paper to blend it well till the color acquires a tone of your skin color.

To make the lipstick last long on your lips apply a lip liner on top of it. If the lip liner is not available, apply lipstick, dab with tissue, re-apply and then again dab with tissue.

Keep it light and natural and look crisp and professional!