Make Up Tips For Teenagers

makeup tips for teensBeauty or make up has always been an essential part of woman’s life from the centuries. But make-up varies from woman to woman according to age, colour or occasion but when it comes to make-up for teenagers it becomes bit of confusing as they couldn’t wear loads of make-up like a woman generally do because for them it would appear as overdo.

While on the other hand they can’t go without make-up with the ugly pimple marks. But don’t worry to help you out, in this article we are providing most essential make up tips for teenagers which will make you the queen hearts without appearing too much and may it be your college fest or prom night, first date or just hang outs with friends no one can take their eyes from you.

Essential Makeup Tips For Girls

Clean Your Face

face wash

Before applying any type of make-up it is very much essential to clean your face properly. Teenagers generally found to have oilier skin which tends to attract dusts, impurities or make-up chemicals that often clogs the skin pores and gradually caused acne or blackheads etc. So you must need to clean your face with a mild soap or face-wash first and then wait for at least 5 minutes before applying the make-up.

Base Make-Up

Choose a foundation according to your skin-tone. Pink, yellow, dark different colored foundation is available in the market, before purchasing you should test it by applying on your hands to see does it match your skin or not. While applying on face, make sure that should be blended well.


Next hide the dark spots, or pimple marks on your face by applying concealer. Now swirl some amount of compact powder to set the foundation. You should also apply the base make-up to your neck and hands as well; otherwise it would look odd to your face make up.

College Make-Up

College make-up shouldn’t be loud, rather let it be light. After applying the base make-up as above, for  eyes, you can apply kajal or eye-liner. Eye-shadow should be avoided in regular college make-up. You can use lip-gloss or light shaded lipstick or lip-balm for your lips. Hair need to be combed properly, horse tail, or hair-band or hair clutcher goes well with regular college make-up.

college makeup

Frizzy hair also looks nice in colleges, to get frizzy hair, divide your wet hair into eight or ten part. Each part should be rolled and tie up by clips. Now leave it for half an hour then remove the clips and set it by your hands. Don’t comb it, either let it free or you may tie it.

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Outing With Friends Make -Up

If you are going outside at day time don’t forget to apply sunscreen. After base make-up, use blusher lightly over the cheek bones. Eye-shadow needs to be according to your dress colour, you may also go for multiple colours. You can divide your eye lid into two parts and apply two eye shadow colour. If you have bigger eyes apply eye-liner, and if you like kajal then make sure it shouldn’t be thicker but for smaller eyes it goes opposite.

Apart from this, you may go for coloured eye pencil only, and you can outline your eyes. Before applying lipstick apply any moisturizer. For matt finish apply lip colour and hold a bloating paper between your lips and press your lips on it to drain the extra moisture. For glossy lips apply lip balm or lip gloss. For hair, better if you tie your hairs, because untidy hair gets dirty easily and hair knots can be found. This is not at all cool.

Party Make-Up

Use shimmer powder over base make-up. Spread blusher on the outer side of the chick-bone. Red, bronze and brown shaded make up goes well in the parties. Party make up should always be bright. Kajal or eye liner whatever you use but the upper and lower eye-line should be prominent. Eye shadow should match your outfit. If you use dark blue or green coloured eye-shadow, then eye-liner should be light.

party makeup

If it’s a night party then bronze or brown colour goes well with any coloured dress. Outline your lips by lip-liner and its better if you apply lip liner on your lips as base colour before wearing lipstick, It locks the lipstick for longer time. Hair-style depends on your dress. French-roll looks good with party-wear. But if you are confused with your hair style, then don’t stress just part your hair and straighten it.