Make Your First Date Perfect

First date can make or break a relationship so to make it last, there are rules, Rules that should not be forgotten and followed with perfection. It takes great confidence and a good body language to impress a girl so do it right.

Here are some of the tips that men must definitely follow while going for their first date.

The first most important thing to do is to take a shower. Now come on, you do not want to smell bad or be shabby looking guy. Take shower, shave and try to smell nice. Bad breath is known to be one of the major turn off so make sure you chew a gum or spray a mouth fresh before going. Apply gel and make a good hairstyle, a simple one.

Arriving on time also matters. Once the time is set, be on time. You do not have to have an attitude of being a busy guy or a one who just does not care. It can send some really bad impressions. In fact, she may even have feeling of being stoop up. So be at the venue on time or to make timings clear, make a call an hour before the dates in order to avoid any confusion.

A nice bunch of roses, not necessarily red could be delighting. A small gift, chocolates, etc could really impress a girl. Be thoughtful and know her likes and dislikes before gifting her something. Never make a mistake of gifting a dress unless you really know her taste. Do not be much experimental or funky, a simple gift always works plus it doesn’t really have to be too expensive.

A gift given from heart means much more than a gift given for just the sake of it. Elegance and confidence are key to a perfect date. Be gentlemen and do gentlemen stuff. Make sure you pick her up, open door for her, pull chair for her, etc. Last but not the least; pamper her with good compliment for her looks. Women always love to be praised about looks. Tell her she is beautiful but do not exaggerate.