Make Your Man Better in Bed

Whether he is a sloppy kisser or a self-interested lover, there is always some way out for training your men so he pushes all your right buttons.In other words, there are always some means to make your partner a dream lover.

Here is how you can do that and improve your sex life with your partner.

We all almost start love-making with kissing and often it happens that your man is real bad at kissing and his lips are just like a rubber duck. In such situations, it might look terrible but the best way to convey your message to your partner that the kissing style needs to be altered or worked on is by saying it straight on his face.

This would in one go make things better for you. Second way that you can try is doing what you want to him. Nuzzle his smackers and slowly whisper in his ears that you want him to chuck your lower lip.

There are certain men out there who finish up in less than three minutes or without even arousing their partner properly. Now this can be a real disturbing situation for any women; she is not aroused yet and the man is all set to wear his clothes back.

In a case like this; it is advised that you do a bit of strip tease before and tell your man to help himself once he is aroused. Start up the foreplay after this and by the time he is ready for the next, you would be thirsty for release too. Trust me, this has proved really great for many women.

There are many men who like to talk dirty. Well, there is no big deal about this if it happens once in a blue moon but if it forms a habit then it can be messy. The best way to get over this is to avoid any kind of talks during the sex hours, he might get angry but at the same time he would also understand you.

Follow this and soon you would find that your man is the best when it comes to sex.