Make Your Skin Glow

God has created us all and has blessed us with such nice skin. Now it is up to us how we treat it. If we take care of our body properly, our skin will always be glowing. The basic thing is healthy nutritious diet.

That is the how the skin glows with inner working of body, but it needs to be cleaned from outside also. We use various methods for this like cleansing, masks, freshening, moisturizing and protecting.

First of all we start with cleansing our skin. We should wash our face 2-3 times a day for normal skin. For oily skin, we should wash it 4-5 times a day to keep it oil free. Dry skin and sensitive skin should not be washed frequently so as to protect its moisture. Milk is the best cleansing agent, but we do get other cleansers in the market in the form of creams and gels. To avoid using soap in excess, we can always use these cleansers.

After cleansing the skin, we can use a mask on our skin to remove the dirt from pores and remove the dead cells from our skin. Different types of masks are available in the market for different skin types. We can use homemade masks such as Cucumber, Papaya, Banana, Tomato, Potato Curd, Lemon Juice etc.

Most commonly masks used for oily skin are clay based masks which remove extra Sebum from the skin and make it more refreshing and oil free. Kaolin is also used to extract Sebum from the oily skin. Peeling masks can also be used which are made from Oatmeal and Bran. Masks rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E should also be used to give proper glow to your skin.

One must use fresheners after cleaning the skin. They are generally available in the market.  They are known to us as Toners and Astringents. They tone up the skin and restore the acid /alkali balance of the skin.  Alcohol and water based fresheners are suitable for oily skin, and non-alcoholic fresheners are for dry and sensitive skin types.

We should regularly moisturize our skin as per its type. Moisturizing keeps our skin smooth and stops water loss from the skin. Oil based moisturizer is good for dry and sensitive skin types, where as oil free moisturizer is suitable for oily and combination skin type.

When we have done so much for the skin, it is now necessary to protect it also. The sun causes lot of damage to our skin. The ultraviolet rays are responsible for damaging the skin, if we go out in sun. To avoid it, we should use Sunscreen lotion 10 minutes before going out.

It comes under the name SPF 10. It is commonly available in all the general and medical stores. Do look after your skin and make it glow always, after all it is the only one we have.