Makeup And Hairstyles For 4 Different Occasions

makeup and hairstyles

makeup and hairstylesOur makeup should suit the occasion we are about to attend. We cannot put on the same makeup we wear at office if we are going to a party. It is best to dress and look as per the event or we may end up looking out of place. Here is an elaborate idea about makeup and hairstyles for different occasions:

Ideas For Makeup And Hairstyles

For A Lunch With Colleagues

You want to look friendly and jovial for the occasion. A bright lip and defined eyes will make your look charming and pretty. Use a dewy foundation to create a perfect radiant base. Line your eyes with a blue or green shade on the upper and lower lash line. Use a black liner to line the inner rims. If you want to make your eyes look big line the lower rim with a white pencil.

Add double coats of mascara for perfectly defined eyes. Line your lips with a lip liner that is similar in shade to your lip colour. Apply a bright coral or pink lipstick. Comb your hair backwards and taking a section from your crown and puff up on top and set with a spray and pins. Use a tong to end up the look with soft curls.

For A Family Invitation

Family invitations generally are a gathering of various relatives, especially elders. If you love being funky, this event may demand for a more subdued look. Try to play with some colour on the eyes keeping the rest simple. Apply a matte light blue shadow as a base and a pearly white at the corners of the eyes.

light blue makeup

Line the lower lash line with black and end up with a curling mascara. Apply a nude or very light lipstick. Gather your hair on one side and make a fish tail braid and let it hang from one shoulder. Set any stray hair from the other side with a spray.

For A Friend’s Wedding

This is the time you want to turn yourself into a Glam Diva. A vintage hairstyle and a 70s summer glow will give a twisted yet mischievous quotient to your look. Use an orange or coral shadow on the base of the lids. Apply some light shimmer on the brow bone and line the upper lash line with a black gel liner.

Finish off with few coats of volumising mascara. Add bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and on the contours of your nose. Apply a clear or beige gloss on the lips. Do a side parting and roll the length of your hair to an inverted U shape at the back. Set with bobby pins and spray.

For Clubbing

You want to reveal your fun side by dancing through the night and burn the floor with your striking look. A mystique and sexy eye look along with rosy cheeks fits the bill. Use a creamy pink or peach blush and apply on the cheeks. You can add highlighter to give a beautiful radiance. Blend the colours with a fluffy brush.

club makeup

Opt for a silvery shadow and line the upper lash line using an angled brush. Apply black liner on the water liner. Then line the lower lash line with the same silvery shadow and smudge with a brush. Curl your lashes and apply few coats of mascara. Apply a nude matte lip colour. Blow your hair with a round brush for soft waves and let it loose.