Makeup Application – Tips for a Prettier You!

Buying makeup is not a guarantee that you would know how to use it properly.Below are a few makeup guidelines that would help you in your application and make you look fabulous during this period.


It is important that you take proper care of your skin before using makeup because dirty skin is an invitation for infections. To keep your face clean, use a sanitizing cream instead of a bar of soap. Do not scour your face too much with your face cloth or your towel. Try as much as possible not to share your cosmetics with others; it is an easy way to pick up germs and skin diseases. When not used for long periods of time, mascara could be a breeding ground for infections. Even if you did not use up all of mascara, throw what is left after four weeks and buy another one.

Choosing Makeup

Do not be afraid of colors. Go for bright makeup colors like pink and red because they make you look young. Dark colors like brown will make you age ten years in one day. Stay away from products that have alcohol because they dry up your skin. To help with dryness, use moisturizers every day before you use makeup. Moisturizers could work far better than foundation. Look for lipsticks or lip-gloss that contains moisturizers.

Applying Makeup

The golden rule in application would be not to overdo anything. Exaggerated makeup could make you look like a clown. Do not draw attention to both your eyes and your mouth at the same time. Choose one. If you choose to go with attention on the eyes, soft colors that match your clothes would work fine. When applying eye shadows, you could use three colors; medium at the base, dark at the top of your eyelid and a light color just under your eyebrow. Emphasize with eyeliner. If you choose to go with attention to the lips, try lip-gloss for fuller and brighter lips.

You should have backup makeup with you at all times. Walk around with blush and lipsticks or lip-gloss always and whenever you can steal away, refresh your makeup.

Makeup for Photographs

Some people get very nervous before photo shoots because you are never sure how you picture will look at the end. Here are a few tips to help you look great in photos.

Make sure you get a good night’s rest before your picture shoot. Dark circles are even more pronounced in pictures. Just do your regular makeup without exaggerating anything because you may find yourself staring into the face of a total stranger when your pictures come out. This goes for your hair too. Finally, settle down.