4 Makeup Tips For Eyes

Eyes makeup

Such is the importance of eyes; it beautifies the entire face. Eyes play a pivotal role in the entire face. Beautification of eyes is an art. There are many beautification products available off the shelf like pencil, eye shadow, eyelash etc. which provide necessary support to beautify the eyes.

Eyes makeup

Some Tips For Beautifying The Eyes Are Suggested In This Article:

Eyes That Are Wide Spaced:

Some women have eyes that are positioned slightly away from the top of the nose. In such cases, the inside portion should be painted with darker color. The color should be in perfect combination with the upper portion of the eyelid. The upper eye lids should be painted with dark paints or pencils. Curl the eyelashes to the upward position by using a mascara curl. This gives bright look to the eyes.

Eyes that are wide spaced

Eyes That Are Spaced Closely:

In contrast to the above, some have eyes positioned close to the top of the nose. In such cases, paint the inside part of the eyes with light color and dim the outside portion. Paint the lower and upper portion of the eyelashes with dark colors. Appropriately curl the eyelashes using mascara. This gives a penetrating look to the eyes.

Eyes that are spaced closely

Eyes That Are Set Deep:

Those who have eyes placed deep will present the look of a tired person. However, such eyes need bare minimum support to look attractive. This is done by painting the eyelids with either white or beige eye shadow. Now apply shiny eye shadows in the middle area and simultaneously dim the curves by using appropriate colors. This type of eyes can be made to look more elegant by painting some dots of brown color with an eye pencil. Before curling the eyelashes, never forget to paint the inside of the lower eyelid with white line.

Eyes that are set deep

Make Eyelids Convex:

Some have convex eyes. Beauticians suggest making the eyelids less convex. The ideal way is to darken the edge (inside) of the lower eyelids. This should be done with an eye pencil. At the same time, use a dark eye shadow on the upper moving part of the eyelid. Take care to use the eye shadow on the niches of the upper eyelids, but you should use light color on the other areas of eyelids. By using mascara, curl the eyelashes. With this, the eye becomes more attractive and the face looks beautiful.

Make eyelids Convex