7 Makeup For Sensitive Skin

7 Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Make up is applied to enhance the beauty of the face or other parts of the body as well. Make up or cosmetics can be made from natural products or from synthetic products.Make-up for sensitive skin is a tricky affair since this type of skin has a tendency to react to cosmetics causing redness, irritation, rashes etc.

Make sure of eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.Some of the tips that should be considered before doing make up for sensitive skin and how it has to be done are discussed here:

Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin

Makeup For Face

Hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic products should be chosen as these do not cause allergies.Powder cosmetics will be suitable for your skin type as they do not contain water a pre-requisite for the growth of bacteria. Liquid foundations that contain silicone can be used.Water-proof products can cause irritation and hence should be avoided.


Makeup For Eyes

Eyelids being the most sensitive part of face needs extra care. Bright coloured eye shadows should be avoided as they contain irritating colour pigments, light coloured powdered eye shadows should be chosen.

makeup eyes

Shimmer and glitter containing eye pencils should be avoided. Wax based eyeliner will be better than liquid eyeliner as they contain latex which is an eye-irritant. Dispose of eye makeup within three months of purchase and do not share your eye makeup.

Makeup For Lips

Use a lip balm, lipstick or lip gloss that contains moisturizer to keep your lips soft and healthy.Long-lasting lip colours are a big no.

makeup lips

Lipsticks should be used only from reputed brands and make sure to clean it well before going to bed with aloe vera gel or suitable make up cleanser. Use the lip colour within the expiry date to avoid any complications.

Healthy Skin Regime

Using a gentle cleanser which is odour free and moisturizes your skin will make your skin clean and dirt free. Also using a moisturizer with sunscreen is advisable as it will prevent the skin from sun damage. Make sure of removing all makeup before going to sleep.

healthy skin

Test Before Using Any Product

Knowing and testing your products is of prime importance.Testing should be done over a small part on the face and wait for a day or two to see if there is any reaction. If it is not causing any kind of irritation that means you have found the product you were looking for.

product 1

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Allergen-Free Products

The ingredients of the product one is using should be known and free of alcohol nickel and other chemicals that are not suitable for sensitive skin. Products which contain salicylic acid, sodium lauryl sulphate, boric acid should be avoided. Water based products should be used and products with added preservatives should be kept at bay.

botanical product

Most people think using botanical products are good for the skin. But that is incorrect. Just as few people can be allergenic to some vegetables,botanical products may not suit your skin type. Abrasive scrubs should never be used.

Product Maintenance

Proper care of the products should be taken. To keep them effective from day one, they should be kept at cool places devoid of moisture to stop germs from growing and other instructions if given should be followed.


Another thing that needs importance is all the products have an expiry date. Usually a product lasts for a year and should be disposed off after that.So do not fret over the fact that you have a sensitive skin.Just maintain the given rules and flaunt the beautiful you.