Makeup For Teenagers

emo-makeupMost teenage girls tend to think of makeup, and finally being allowed to wear it, as a right of passage. The day that you finally get to pick out your very own tube of lipstick and compact of eye shadow, no matter how subdued the colors, feels like you have just been granted entry into the previously elusive world of adulthood.

The thing that most teenage girls don’t fully understand is the potential long term effects the makeup could have on their delicate skin.

Makeup Tips for Teenagers

The good news is that while the teens might not fully comprehend the potential ramifications of wearing makeup at a young age, the cosmetic companies do. Several cosmetic companies have started to manufacture make up that compliments teenagers, that is also designed specially for sensitive teenage skin.

Choose Complimentary Colors

Once you have found the place in your drugstore that is reserved for teenage girls you it is time to pick out the colors of the makeup she will be wearing. When you are helping your daughter pick out colors, you have to remember that the average teenage girl’s complexion is still too fair to handle brightly colored makeup.

The eye makeup the average teenage girl should wear should be soft colors. The eye shadows should be pale pinks, light browns, grays, and the palest of blues. If she wants to start practicing using eyeliner get her one in gray. She will also be able to use the same eyeliner to fill in any areas of her eyebrows where her plucking might have gotten a little too enthusiastic.

Instead of getting her foundation makeup, which can clog temperamental teenage pores, your teenager should keep one or two concealer pencils in her makeup kit.

Help your daughter to determine if her skin tone is cool or warm. If she has a warm skin tone you should try to find her a nice peach hued blush. If her skin is better suited for cooler colors she should try a pink blush.

Your teenage daughter might be drawn to the bright red lipsticks, but you should steer her towards a more natural selection. Most teenagers look very nice, and very grown up in nude and pale pink lipsticks.