Makeup: Head To Toe

makeup3Women have been wearing makeup for centuries to make themselves more attractive and sexually appealing. It expresses their creativity and hides what they don’t like about themselves.

Cosmetics should be applied according to the tone and texture of the skin. If makeup is applied properly, it enhances your features and makes you look beautiful.

Points to consider:

If your present makeup cosmetics does not give you the desired effect you prefer, then its time you changed your cosmetics and bought new ones.

You have to use the right tones and texture for your skin. What suited you 10 years back will not suit you now, and you have to apply the right makeup to make you look younger.

Why use makeup?

•    Makeup improves a person’s looks and by illusion, changes the shape of the face.
•    Makeup increases the skin texture.
•    It can make small eyes look bigger and a blunt nose look sharper.
•    Use deep red lipstick and mascara if you have black hair to look stunning.
•    Don’t use bright colors if you are a blonde.

Striking a perfect complexion:

Foundations are available in different shades and you can choose the one that matches your skin. You have fluid foundations, powder foundations and cream foundations. But, as your skin tone changes color during summer and winter, you have to change your foundation shade accordingly.

Skin foundations:

Fluid or liquid foundations:

They are good for dry skin. Covers skin imperfections and they contain moisturizer UV filters that blends with your skin well.

Tinted moisturizers:

They are face creams with added colors good for all types of skin.

Compact Foundations:

They are a mixture of cream, color and powder and they cover imperfections.

Stick foundation:

There look like lipstick and they are blended with the skin by dotting on the chin, forehead and cheeks.

Mousse foundations:

They give coverage and are good for oily skin.

Face tints:

They are made of water based color pigment. They are used to monitor the heavy colors of the foundations.

Pastel corrective bases:

They help in reducing dark shades and blotchiness. Too much redness can be calmed by mint and pale blue, and yellow can be eased by pink mauve.

Applying the proper makeup with the right foundation enhances the beauty in you.