Makeup: Light Or Bright


When deciding whether to apply light makeup or dark makeup, it is always important to consider your needs.  You must also consider the purpose of the makeover and whether you are trying to achieve a daytime makeup scheme or an evening makeup style.


Light Makeup

Today’s world does not consider heavy makeup to be at all fashionable.  Instead, the new trend is to try to achieve a more natural look.  Use as little makeup as possible when getting ready.  Also choose from a range of natural colors such as brown, green, silver and gold.

Light makeup always looks natural and gives you a gorgeous look.  Light makeup goes well with formal wear.  For school and work purposes it is important to choose light makeup over bright makeup because bright makeup tends to look out of place in the school or work environment.

Light makeup

Bright Makeup

Bright makeup is generally considered appropriate for evening makeup.  Dark colored eye shadow, lipstick, and blushes are best for nighttime makeup. At night, these colors brighten the face and the addition of a little bronzing powder over the shoulders and back help you achieve a glowing skin tone.

Most of all, it is important to match your makeup with the clothes and accessories you are wearing.  If you wear silver accessories, then use silver eye shadow. If you choose gold accessories, use gold eye shadow to look stylish.

Bright Makeup

Make The Right Choice

People hardly consider the fact that makeup damages your face and skin.  Although some women just can’t seem to live without makeup, it is not a necessary part of life.  Heavy makeup use has damaging effects upon the face.  It is not necessary that you apply makeup every day.

Lighter makeup can be used instead of bright makeup.  If you have imperfections and think it necessary to use makeup, use only powder and mascara.  If you believe makeup is not important and you can do without it, avoid using it.  Avoidance will benefit your skin in the long run and make the face look smooth and healthy.

Right Choice