Makeup Secrets

Makeup is not always about high drama and impact. It can also be a subtle tool for enhancing your features without any obvious sign of this.

Just a few minutes in front of the mirror can make a vast difference to how you look and feel throughout the day.

A Natural Base
Concealer and Foundation can help to cover up a myriad of imperfections, from dark circles to blemishes. For a natural look, avoid applying heavy cover as this makes your skin look dull and lifeless. Sheer cover can be applied with a dab of foundation on a damp sponge. Concealer can be employed for areas that demand better coverage and is best dabbed on lightly with the fingertips. Take care to blend your foundation well at the jaw to avoid tell tale lines.

Eye Enhancement
Your eyebrows frame your eyes and using an eyebrow pencil of a shade slightly lighter than your hair colour, can enhance the overall appearance of your eyes. Keep eyeliner light and close to the eyelashes for a natural look. Mascara that is one or two shades darker than the natural colour can be applied and care should be taken to avoid clumping. For a natural look, you will probably choose to avoid eye shadow altogether.

Cheek Definition
Blush may be applied to the apples of the cheeks for a rosy glow. Ensure that the tone complements your natural skin tone and apply with a fluffy brush to create a subtle look. Use a light touch, as a little blush goes a very long way.

Luscious Lips
Select a subtle shade of matte lipstick that is close to your natural lip colour. You should avoid metallic or high gloss shades. A light application of lip liner across the whole lip can provide a long lasting, natural look. Alternatively, try a lip stain or a lip tint for a less dense colour that enhances your lips while allowing the natural tone to show through.

Whichever makeup tools you choose for a natural look, the most important thing to remember is that application of makeup should be done with subtlety in mind. Less is definitely more where natural make up is concerned and a minimal application of makeup can go a very long way towards a more polished appearance.