Makeup Techniques to Look Younger

younger make upAll of us want to look youthful and gorgeous and therefore we take refuge to regular exercising, proper diet and beauty routine. Women apply makeup to hide visible signs of ageing like dark spots and fine lines.

Often excessive exposure to sun and other stress related problems can result in premature aging. In these cases, we should remember to lead a disciplined lifestyle along with a few simple makeup techniques which will regain our youthful glow.

Here Are Few Techniques ThatCcan Make Us Look Much Younger And Energetic

Go Glossy

Aging signs like lines and annoying creases start showing around the mouth very prominently. Moreover, while we age the volume of our lips shrinks making them appear too thin.


Using matte colour does not help to boost the volume and further add years to your face. Applying a gloss gives an appearance of fuller lips and steals away years from your face.

Use Falsies

Aging takes away a lot of things from us, one of the main being lashes. Our eyes appear dull and puffy due to this making us look older and tired. If wearing mascara alone cannot get you back your bright peepers, wear false lashes to add instant brightness to your eyes. Super long and thick lashes will instantly enliven your look.

Use Concealer

One of the best inventions in makeup is the concealer. Hide your flaws like age spots, crow’s feet and intense lines with the use of a good concealer, preferably a creamy one that will set softly set on your skin and camouflage all these signs of aging accurately.


Use your fingertips to apply the concealer in an upward motion and you will get a brighter and younger looking face.

Avoid Dark Lips

An intense red or plum shade on your lips will only make you appear older. Choose a sheer colour with some rosy or pink tint that will make the lip area look softer and youthful diverting the attention from deep lines around the mouth. Statement lip colours will attract much attention on the mouth area and will do nothing to make you look youthful.

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Curl Lashes

No matter where you are going don’t forget to curl your lashes. As you age your lids tend to sag and the eyes appear drooling and fatigued.

curl lashes

Curling your lashes will make you combat with the situation and perk your eyes up immediately. Try to invest in a good quality curler like Shu Umera.

Avoid Powders

Try to go loose on your features by avoiding powder based makeup. Matte faces will do little to take away those years showing on your face. Use dewy makeup instead to soften your looks. Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda are ideal icons for a perfect coverage to look youthful.

Wear Cream Blush

Add the extra glow with a rosy coloured blush that perfectly suits your skin tone. Power blushes will not be enough to give the radiance you are looking for.

cream blush

It is best to settle for a cream blush instead that will give an angelic illuminated skin, making you look lively and fresh.

Fill Your Brows

This is one of the most important steps to look bright and young. The eyebrows appear scanty with age. Fill in your brows with a pencil or powder and shape them properly. This will give a brighter and fuller appearance to your features.