Makeup that Lasts: Waterproof Cosmetics

Make up is meant to make women more beautiful but there are certain cosmetics that can do just the opposite. Often women get in contact with water because of which their make up simply washes away.

The best way to be protected from such a disaster is to apply water proof make up. There is a wide range of water proof make up in markets. Everything from mascara, liners, primers, foundations, etc are available to give you more comfort.

These are miracle for athletes, swimmers, models and actresses. This kind of make up is extremely beneficial is summers since we sweat because of which make up washes away.

When it comes to lipsticks, one must choose one that does not wash off in a matter of minutes. Firstly, cover lips with waterproof foundation and then apply the lipstick. Blend the lipstick and reapply it needed to get a gorgeous look. Waterproof mascara are heaven in disguise as this does not go away the whole day even if you cry!

Also, it is supportive for people who wear lens as it does not smudge easily. Ordinary eye make up can cause problems but water proof make up makes sure that such a problem does not occur and you get beautiful eyes easily.

In the time of humidity and rains, waterproof eye shadows can save you from getting a ruined face. These are available in cream and powdered form so women can choose according to their preferences.

Now days, the advance water proof make up also allows the skin to breathe as it dos not clog the facial pores unlike other makeup. The use of special make up remover meant for water proof make up makes it easy to get rid of make up without leaving a trace of it.

Follow this process by the application of toner and moisturizer to give further nourishment to the skin. Make sure you remove the makeup before night. Make sure that you do not use soap and water to wear off make up as it can leave the skin dry and damaged. So these are the benefits of water proof cosmetics.