Makeup Tips for Blush Application

Every beauty cosmetic we apply to our face has a specific purpose and transforms our looks in a variety of ways.

So what do we get by blushing our cheeks even for a day? A healthy and younger looking face, no less! However, blushing is not as easy as it sounds.

Here are several easy steps for a blushing you.

Want to know your perfect blush color? Then give your cheeks a few slaps. Not painfully though, but just enough to see the shade that will appear. If you see it, that’s your blush. You can base your blush on the natural tone of your lips too. Among the lists of colors, commonly used are Rose, Olive and Apricot.

Color is one thing, but getting the right formula is another. Blushes come in different forms nowadays and choosing one that suits your skin is essential. Tips? Powder blush, liquid or gels are best for oily skin, while cream is good for dry and mature skin. If you combine powder and cream, the result would be a longer lasting and clear blush.

If your work makes your skin look haggard, then lighten it up by wearing dusky pink powder.

Now, here is the real deal in applying.

Typically, women leave the blush as the finishing touch, but to achieve a natural look, some experts suggest placing the blush while the face is still bare. You can do the blushing well if you use a professional full brush. Buy it. In addition, keep separate brush for your powder and do wash it to keep it clean, thus preventing skin-disease-causing bacteria to build-up.

To apply, dip your brush in the blush powder and tap off the rest.

Blush should be applied to the apples of your cheeks. How to find it? Smile in the mirror and you’ll see it. Apply in one sweep. Keep it light to make it a natural looking flush.

A gel blush is also a great alternative. Just place a small amount on your middle finger, dab and spread evenly with the help of your ring finger.

Gone a bit far? Applying translucent powder will solve this problem and use it also as your finishing touch.

Want to get a sun-kissed shine? This trick is great for darker skinned individual. Apply a bronzer powder on your T-zone lightly before blushing on.

Feeling adventurous and sexy? Apply shimmering highlighter in C-shape direction from the center of your brow down to your cheeks or dab some on the nearest parts of your cheeks to your eyes.