Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

People having sensitive skin have to face many problems such as irritation and redness because their skin gets easily affected by any stimuli.

Skin of such people gets affected from smallest possibilities such as sunlight, substances, change in environment and temperature changes. These factors affect such skin very negatively and people having such skin feel like tearing the skin off their bodies.

Reasons of Skin Reacting Negatively:

Skin can become sensitive to any thing people use. Things which are found to be involved and are common culprits of skin sensitivity are:

Skin becomes sensitive due to over use of scrubs, alcohol and stripping soaps. People do not take proper quantity of water which results in dehydration and dryness of the skin. Even excessive oil in skin makes the skin sensitive.

If skin’s exposure to sunlight is excessive then there are chances of skin getting burned. When a certain skin has settled in one climate, it takes time to adjust to another climate. This causes the skin to become sensitive to climatic changes. People use low end makeup and use too much makeup which results in skin sensitivity. Others reasons include air pollution, dyes and stress.

Sometimes dirt and substance which are not good for health can be left on a towel. One should not use other people’s towels as the dirt and substance left by them might result in skin irritation. Skin irritation even takes place when people change their makeup brands or the way they used to apply makeup. If irritation happens due to this reason, use cleanser and lotion to clean your skin for at least two weeks. Once the irritation goes away, you can start using makeup. Always seek professional help when it comes to skin care.

Ingredients that help when skin faces irritation:

There are natural ingredients which include: Neroli Oil, Allantoin, Chamomile, Bisabolo and Shea Butter. These ingredients help in healing the skin when it experiences irritation and these ingredients even make the skin calm during the irritation period.

Ingredients to help skin in aggressive environment:

Creams; such as: Pevonia Ligne Lavandou helps in defending the skin when skin faces aggressive environments. Always use the cosmetics that do not contain harsh preservatives.