4 Makeup Tips For Small Eyes

Small Eyes

Getting ready for a big date or just a simple party night out with friends can be a little demanding, especially in terms of choosing the right shoes, dress, hairstyle and the makeup could be fun and confusing at the same time.
Small Eyes

The most important part of the face that we would have to focus on when it comes to make up, is the eyes. This is because there are a lot of things that you need to apply, like the eyeliner, mascara and frequently, two colors for the eye shadow as base and final touch.

Putting makeup to small eyes is a tricky matter, because you will need it to make your eyes look a little open and brighter, otherwise it will look too heavy and smaller. If you currently are in this scenario, you don’t have to run to the parlor and pay big time for a makeup. What if you’re running late? Well, don’t fret.

Here’s What You Need To Do:

You will need a base. Scan your eye makeup collection in front of you and choose two primary colors, which mean skin colors. May it be in the form of liquid or powder base foundation – it doesn’t really matter. And don’t mind the brand either. Remember you don’t have the time.

eye makeup collection

Have you applied a little skin color foundation to your eyelids? Do it if you haven’t. Now you are ready to pick your eye shadow color. Choose the one that matches your dress or if the combination of your get up is a little too bright, you can try these combinations:

Brown and olive green for a natural look.
Red and charcoal black if you want to stand out.
Or, you can be fancier and try your own that you think flatters your total look.

eyeshadow color

The most essential for small eyes is the eyeliner. It can be in liquid form or the usual pencil type. Get a black color to be safe. Carefully trace above and under the eyelids.


The final step, mascara. Use the one that is waterproof and doesn’t smudge easily. Again, use black or the clear ones that are now available in the market.


This should do it! Your small eyes makeup dilemma solved in a few minutes.