4 Makeup Tips For Woman With Black/Dark Skin

Makeup Tips For Woman With Black-Dark Skin

Makeup for a woman with black/dark skin color is a pretty arduous task. Makeup for fair skinned woman is easy, they only think about variations they can do in makeup to look prettier, which is not an option with black/dark skinned woman.

However, dark skinned woman can wear some bold colors that will allow them to make their skin glow and draw attention towards them.

Requirement for Black/Dark Skin

Dark skinned women require giving special attention to their skin tone. This will help them downplay their other prominent features, and draw focus on their upper third of the face. However, to have good facial features and even skin color they need to give more attention to little things such as avoiding oil based products. This will allow them to wear makeup for longer periods, as black/dark skin rejects makeup.

What the black/dark skinned woman can do is to apply such make up on their hair, eyes, and skin that they don’t feel uneasy in front of others. While they can opt for dramatic colors, applying lighter shades is better. Here are some of the tips to apply makeup.

Requirement for Black-Dark Skin

Makeup Tips

Applying Foundation: Applying a foundation that matches the skin tone of black/dark skinned woman is important. They can apply the foundation using a damp sponge, and then blend it with the skin around the jaw and hairline so as to avoid the tidemarks. This should be followed with the light application of transparent powder, to absorb oil and give a less shinny look. Its better for black/dark skinned woman to use a foundation that is one shade lighter than their normal skin tone. They can choose a slightly darker tone for giving shade and contours to the skin. Most of the times wet/dry foundations work well with woman of Afro-American origin.

Applying Foundation

Applying Eyeshadow: It is apt for black/dark skinned women to use a dark blackcurrant eye shadow for their eyelids. Applying as little powder as possible is key as its excess use can ruin the foundation. Care should be taken while applying a dark brown, prunes, dark charcoal, copper, and burgundy color eye shadow with an eye shadow brush and it’s better to avoid powdery, light, and iridescent colors that cover the entire eyelid.

Applying Eyeshadow

Applying Eyeliner: Apply 2 coats of translucent powder such as black mascara on eyelids’ to give the eyes a subtle look, using an eyeliner brush. After this, add blush in shades of cocoa, cinnamon, dark peach, or dusty pink. Use a combination of gray, black or charcoal pencil on the brows.

  • Applying Eyeliner

Applying Lipstick: Apply a dark plum lipstick with a lipbrush, and rub the lip pencil on the lips. Black/dark skinned woman should go for lip colors such as plums, berry shades, burgandy, browns, golds, beiges, and soft pinks while avoiding orange shades.

Applying Lipstick