Makeup Tips For Women To Conceal A Double Chin

double chin ladyDouble chin is usually considered as one of the most prominent signs of ageing, but sometimes it can also appear due to obesity. While advanced surgery makes it possible to get rid of this unwanted double chin, not everyone can afford it.

In such a situation, using the right makeup tricks can help you in concealing the double chin. Here are some easy makeup tips you can consider for hiding your double chin.

Makeup Tips To Conceal A Double Chin

Clean Your Face And Chin Properly

face wash

The first step is to use a gentle cleanser on your face and chin and make sure that the area does not contain any dirt. This way, it will be easier to apply makeup and it will last longer too. Also, if your face and chin is not cleaned properly, the area may appear heavier, thus making your double chin look even bigger.

Use A Different Foundation For Your Double Chin

You can always use your regular foundation on the face. However, for concealing your double chin, you need to use a foundation that is few shades darker than your normal foundation. For ensuring that the skin looks evenly toned, blend these two shades carefully. Be careful about blending properly because if there are demarcation lines, it will look odd and draw attention of people towards the chin.

Opt For A Powder Bronzer

Using a powder bronzer along your jaw line can be a good way to conceal your double chin. However, make sure that you use the bronzer in a subtle manner. If you have fair skin, you can opt for a gold-toned bronzer. Otherwise, stick to a rose-toned one. Once you apply the bronzer, blend it properly so that no lines can be seen. You can also use the same bronzer on your cheeks, instead of a blush. This will help you to achieve a uniformed look. Once you are done with applying the bronzer and the blush, use a translucent powder for setting the foundation, bronzer and blush in a proper manner.

Highlight Your Eyes

Highlighting your eyes can be a good way of drawing attention away from the chin. Whatever your complexion is, you can always use a thick, black mascara.

highlight eye

Mascara gives proper definition to the eyes and makes them look bigger and brighter. Apart from mascara, you can also use your favorite eye shadows, but make sure that they complement your overall look.

Avoid Using Bright Lip Colors

Many people think that highlighting your lips can be a good way of concealing double chin. However, this is a wrong idea because such a strategy will draw more attention to lower part of your face and thereafter, your double chin. Therefore, it is better if you avoid bright lip colors.


Instead, opt for nude or subtle colors. We highlighted few makeup tricks for highlighting your double chin. However, apart from implementing these tricks, you should also consider following a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine for losing fat from the chin area. This way, your face will appear toned and slim.