Makeup Tips

makeup-tipsThe application of makeup can be a frustrating and mind blowing event when it just doesn’t seem to want to go on the right way. There are many different. tips and tricks to applying your makeup. It all depends on the problem.

When trying to get that smoky look to your eyes, the dark shadow can tend to fall upon your face and won’t come off. To prevent that from happening, simply use some loose powder under your eyes. This will prevent the dark shadow from staining your skin and catch the specks like a mitt.

If you are trying to get that full effect from your lips, apply a bright shade of lipstick. This will give you that full pout. But, if you are looking for a smaller appearance, use a darker shade.

For slimming down your cheeks, a contouring powder is the best option. If one is not available to you or you just ran out, use a face powder instead. Pick a shade that is several shades darker than your normal color. This will give you the desired affect.

For those of us who are prone to pimples and zits, you can turn your foundation into a medicine just for that. Add some witch hazel, just a drop or two to it and watch it work wonders on your oily skin.

We are all looking for those long beautiful eyelashes. Occasionally, we opt for the fake ones but sometimes find it hard to get them to stick. Apply some mascara to them first before applying. You will be long, beautiful and strong.

One of the biggest problems us working ladies have is looking tired. Kids and a job can leave you with little sleep. Use your concealer to blend away from the corner of your eye to look refreshed. No one will be the wiser.

Another important tip is to apply your makeup after you do your do. Heat makes you sweat and pointing that hot air from the blow dryer towards your face is going to make your makeup run like a Olympic marathon.