Making Long Distance Relationship Work

Couples in long distance relationship can be as madly in love with each other as couples who see each other every day.

There are certain set rules necessary for a relationship to be successful. But some love stories, it seems, have their own destiny. This article is dedicated to lovers who have a major problem-the distance between them.

Tips for Long Distance Relationships:

Keep Communication Strong

Maintain regular contact through calls, sms, emails, etc. There are several advantages of being in contact. You remain an eminent part of your lover`s life despite being several miles away. This builds an emotional bond between the couple which is extremely necessary for the relationship to have any hope for the future.

It helps in expressing how much you love and miss your partner. Besides, everyone in love wants to say and hear those three magical words as frequently as possible. It gives a sense of security.

Take Time Out

If you do not have time, make it. Do not ever make an excuse for lack of time to your partner. It may be fine for a few days but in case the ritual carries on for several days; it will hurt your loved one. They will feel ignored and taken for granted.

So, sleep for one hour less, if you have to, but talk to your mate.

Meet as Frequently as Possible

Make plans to meet whenever you can. Do not let a very long gap come between your meetings. When you meet make sure you are at a place where you are able to express your feelings to each other freely.

Do not Assume, Keep things Clear

One of the major issues with couples in long distance relationship is that one or both of them may start assuming things based on certain signs or hints. Be more verbal about it. Talk things clearly about where the relationship is going. You may not wish to seem demanding but you desperately want to meet your love. Express it.

Have Fair Fights Only

Fights and arguments can spice up any relation but make sure your fights are fair enough if you are in a long distance relationship. Very frequent fights may lead to stress which can be cause of an abrupt break-up.