3 Tips For Making White Paint More Interesting

White Paint

If you think of any colour other than white to paint your walls, you will be considered innovative, interesting and adventurous. The reason white has become so boring

White Paint

for us is that we have used it too often. We have so gotten used to playing safe, that the very colour we so used has become the object of our contempt. In a sense, familiarity has bred contempt in this case at least.

However, white can be pretty and interesting, too. The best quality of white is that it goes with almost anything. It is a different thing that this is the very quality that has made us overuse it. White does not need to be without any personality. You can impart personality to white by using the right shades and undertones, and accentuate your white.

You can use some tips to make your white interesting.

Layer Different Whites And Add Texture

When you have white-on-white, you will give your room a relaxing look that will calm you down. White has the quality of being humble so as not to stand out but make things stand out when put against it. This quality will make even ordinary pieces stand out and appear as great pieces of art.

You can make your white more interesting by adding texture to it. If you use different textures, you will allow light to be reflected differently and hence, it will give your room an interesting look.

Add Texture

Warm Up Your White

You do not want your room to appear empty and sterile, like a hospital room. However, you can add some neutral colours to it. Neutral colours along with texture will give a unique personality to your room while keeping it calm and relaxing at the same time.

Adding wood tones is a good idea to provide a touch of warmth to the room. White rooms carry natural fiber rugs well.

Warm Up

Use The Right Furniture And accessorize Your Room

White makes a great backdrop for any furniture. Therefore, if you are into redecorating your room often, white is the colour for you. You can provide accents to your room, which will add personality, while white does the job of unifying your whole house altogether. You can even use bold colours.

Right Furniture