Manage Oily Hair Easily

Anyone who has oily hair will agree that it is a big problem. It happens because sometimes the oil glands of the scalp are over active and they tend to produce excess amount of oil. This makes the hair oily. Oily hair appears greasy and remains flat. In other words they look most unattractive.

Oily Hair

The natural oil of the scalp also known as sebum is definitely good for both the hair and the scalp, but it can become problematic sometimes. Due to oiliness, the scalp tends to attract a good amount of dirt that damages the hair.The best way to get rid of both extra oil and the attached dirt is to wash your hair regularly and keep the scalp clean at all times. This can be done with the help of a good shampoo. The shampoo will wash away the excess oil and keep the scalp oil free and clean.

Here it should be mentioned that you have to be very careful in choosing your shampoo. Since you will be using it frequently, go for something mild, such as a baby shampoo. They will gently clean your hair. Other shampoos can contain harmful chemicals. So it is better to avoid them. You certainly do not wish to make your hair look dull and lifeless in the process of cleaning your hair.While you are buying shampoo, check the label and see if they contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate or ammonium. They are detergents and they wash away the oil from your hair and scalp.


You can apply some hair fresheners in between your showers. This will prevent your hair from smelling bad.When you apply conditioner, make sure it does not touch your scalp. Apply it gently on your hair and on the hair only. The idea is to make the hair soft and smooth, not the scalp. Unfortunately, this is one common mistake people make while using a conditioner.Make sure you air-dry your hair as much as possible before you use a hair dryer. At the same time do not use hair styling products that contain silicone. The two in one shampoos in the market contain silicone, so better stay away from them.Last but not the least, do not comb or brush your hair too often. This will only spread the sebum all over your scalp..

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