6 Tips For Manicure At Home

Tips For Manicure At Home

Doing a manicure at home once a week goes a long way to keep the hands clean and looking good. Your hands can get luxury treatment at home. This article about manicure and pedicure introduces two things:

Manicure at Home

Pedicure at Home

Manicure At Home Procedure:

Materials That You Will Need For A Manicure:

Bowl for immersing hands in.
Nail cutter, clipper and remover.
A flat board to place your hand on.
Cotton to remove enamel.
Orange stick.
Enamel remover of your choice.
Hand or moisturizing cream.
Nail varnish to apply at the end.

Home manicure method:

If required, remove old enamel, using cotton wool and an enamel remover.

Using cotton wool and an enamel remover

To trim the nails, use a cutter or clipper or remover. Shape your nails to smoothen the corners using aile. Place your hand on the flat board while doing so. Use the file in one direction only. Do not use it back and forth.

To trim the nails

Then prepare hot water and immerse your hands in it. Do these for about 5 to 10 minutes approximately, until your hands feel comfortable and your fingers relax.

Prepare hot water and immerse your hands in it

Wrap cotton around stick. Use it to push the cuticle softly. If it tries to stick to the orange stick, apply some cream or moisturizer to your hands and then push it again.

Wrap cotton around stick

Apply the moisturizer or hand cream all over the palm and to the nails and massage your hands. Then for few minutes wipe the excess cream with a cloth.

Apply the moisturizer or hand cream

For the last step of home manicure and pedicure process, apply nail varnish. Apply it using smooth strokes in one direction only. Usually the varnish is applied to nail in the direction of base to tip of the nails.

Apply nail varnish

Important Points One Should Remember While Doing The Process Of Home Manicure And Pedicure:

Do not use very hot water to immerse your hands in it. This can make your skin and nails dry.

Do not use brushes that are hard for applying varnish to your nails.