Manifold Uses And Benefits Of Green Tea

green tea benefits

green tea benefitsGreen tea is one of the most popular beverages in the whole world. It is made from the Camellia sinensis leaves which undergo minimal oxidation in processing. It originated from China and now has spread in other parts of the world.

In the countries where this tea is grown they create its different varieties.  These varieties differ due to its growing conditions, production processing, harvesting time and horticulture. With its number of health benefits even doctors recommend it.  Chinese have already known about the medicinal benefits of green tea since the ancient times. They have been using it for the treatment of everything starting from headaches to stress or depression.

Since, there are so many varieties of green tea available these days that it really becomes difficult to choose while buying. Green tea is being used by most of the people throughout the world for the health benefits. Originally green tea was used in China but now it is being used by the people throughout Asia from Middle East, South Korea and Japan.

In the West people generally take black tea but now green tea has also become popular there. This tea is available in many different varieties for the people. There are many reasons like horticulture, harvesting time, production process and different growing conditions for which the variety of tea differs from each other.

Green tea has the ability to lower the chances of cancer and heart disease in those people who drink this tea regularly. This tea has medical benefits that have been helping people since years. This tea has never ending health benefits for the people who consume it. A person’s overall health is improved with the help of this tea and it can treat majority of health issues. If a person who is experiencing a minor headache will have instant relief after consuming green tea.

Benefits Of Green Tea

With an age old history of benefits, still the benefits of green tea are being discovered. With so many benefits sometime it is even known as a wonder tea.  Green tea is processed less as compared to black tea; therefore it contains more antioxidants and offers number of health benefits.

This tea helps in preventing or curing diseases ranging from influenza as well as mild to serious forms of cancer. It also helps in reducing and preventing high levels of blood pressure, lowers down cholesterol levels, reduces stress, reduces the risk of rheumatism and arthritis, protects liver, and prevents hepatitis and many more.

Manifold Uses of Green Tea

With so many health benefits green tea is been used for different purpose. Capsules that contain the extract of this tea are used for weight loss. The polyphenol present in the tea have fat burning properties and even body builders use the capsule which has the extract of this tea to reduce fat and increase muscle mass.

The use of the extract from this tea has positive effects on the cholesterol levels, heart tissue as well as artery health. The polyphenol helps in improving blood flow, relaxing vessel walls of blood and reducing plaque in artery walls.  The tea extracts also boost memory as well as cognitive functions.

A topical ointment which is made from this tea extract is used for the treatment of genital warts as well as human papillomavirus symptoms. As per World Health Net, green tea extract is also used for the treatment of cervical dysplasia, which is a precancerous condition of cervix.

health benefits of green tea

Green Tea Can Help In Preventing Cancer

There are many people who are suffering from the disease of cancer and everyone knows that this is one of the most dangerous diseases. This has been killing many people and will keep on killing people if it is not treated. It has been proved medically that green tea can help a person to prevent cancer to a great extent.

Pancreas cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer and small intestine cancer are some of the gastrointestinal cancers that green tea can prevent. This can even prevent the other cancers like breast cancer and lung cancer. The fear of skin cancer can also be reduced by drinking this tea.

Is This Tea Helpful In Reducing Blood Pressure?

The vascular system can have serious problem with the blood pressure and later result into atherosclerosis problem. The problem of cardiovascular disease, heart disease and stroke can occur from atherosclerosis.

It is guaranteed that people having green tea can be free from the danger of blood pressure. The benefits of this tea have been tested medically to be beneficial to the people. The patients with heart problem can recover faster with the help of green tea.

What Are the Other Benefits That Green Tea Has?

This tea can help a person to recover from bad breath, cold and flu. This might be quite surprising for the people that how can tea be so helpful. It is advised the diabetes patients can also have this tea to reduce blood sugar.

Many people have used this and have recommended it for various health issues to get relief in no time. Tea is the common drink that is available in every house. When you love tea then why not have something that is healthy and have health benefits like the green tea.

Additional Uses of Green Tea

Since leaves of green tea are best for health due to its incredible antioxidants, it is also used for other tasks such as dyeing cloth, as smell removal agent as well as for the treatment of skin aliment along with its anti-bacterial qualities. Using powder of green tea to stain cloths or scarves is an ancient practice among Japanese and Chinese, which produces wonderful products.

The clothes are being tied and soaked in the hot water along with the powder of tea. Dyeing cloths with this tea is a simple, economical and environment friendly way of producing beautiful clothing. Another use of the green tea is that they are able to counteract the household odors.

The anti-bacterial nature of the tea makes them useful for the treatment of skin infections. Studies have shown that it can help in healing wounds and reduce permanent scarring, since it is able to reactivate cells in skin’s outer layer. Tea leaves are useful in reducing itchiness and swelling associated with some insect bites.