Marvelous Natural Make Up Tips

Marvelous Natural Make Up Tips

Marvelous Natural Make Up Tips These days you will notice that women prefer natural make up. Natural make up does not mean no make up at all rather it means getting a perfect feminine look. Natural make up does not mean that you will not wax your hair to look clean or will not shape or trim your eye brows.

Natural make up will give an impression to others that you look beautiful and gorgeous without make up. Natural make up often looks as if you are not wearing any make up at all.

Tips for Maintaining Natural Beauty


Natural make up is something which you can prefer for everyday look. You will look simple and can do it while going to your office or school or college. If you want a natural look you must know what are the things or products that you will use that will give you a natural look. You can get a natural look in about 8 to 10 minutes. You must make sure to wash your face properly before applying anything on your face.


For natural look you must moisturize your skin to prevent it from looking to dry. Use a good quality moderate SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn or getting tanned. Moisturizing is not considered a part of make up rather it is essential for your skin because it will keep your skin soft and prevent it from looking too dry especially during winters.


Foundation can be used to get a natural look. Foundation is used to hide the dark spots or any other places wherever required such as under your eyes or nose. It is needed to hide all your flaws and essential for oily skin women because it can prevent your skin from looking too oily.


Use a concealer to hide your dark circles. For a natural look apply concealor only if you have prominent dark circles or blemishes else avoid it because it might spoil your natural look.

Marvelous Natural Make Up Tips

Choose both foundation and concealor according to your skin tone because if you do so the foundation or concealer will disappear on your face giving a natural look.

Face powder

Face powder can be used to get a natural look. You can apply it again and again during the day if you feel that your face is looking too oily. It will give your skin a smooth texture without making others feel that you have applied a lot of make up and thus giving you a natural look.

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Shape and trim your eye brows regularly to get a perfect natural look. Eye brows speak a lot about your preference for cleanliness. You can even use eye brow pencils to highlight your eye brows and get a better look. You can even shape your eye lashes if you want because it will not spoil your natural look.

Avoid using eye liners because if often does not give you a natural look and thus spoiling your natural look. Mascara can be used but I would suggest that if you want a natural look you can avoid it too.


You can use blush to get a natural look. Try using very light shades of pink to highlight the apples of your cheeks. It is preferable to use lighter shades of pink only because it will give you a natural look. If you are applying bronzer then apply it with the help of a brush designed to do so to keep it light.

Lip gloss

Light pink shiny lip gloss will help you a lot to get a natural look. It will compliment your look accurately. You can even exfoliate your lips if you want to make it look soft and pink. Exfoliating will help you to get rid of dead cells which turn black making your lips to look dull. So you can try out natural methods to exfoliate your lips.

Natural make up is very easy and simple and can give you a perfect look in just 5 minutes or so. You won’t take much time to get ready. If you avoid applying too much of make up you will even protect your sensitive skin from harsh chemicals.

You must not forget an important tip to eat healthy food and drink lots of water to get a perfect natural flawless look. Use more and more natural and homemade methods to clean your skin or to remove your spots instead of market products because it will help you to get a perfect natural look easily.