Mascara Enhances The Beauty Of Eyes

One of the important organs in the human body is the eye. The importance of this organ does not need any explanation. At the same time, it is an organ that enhances the beauty of the person. It is the centre of attraction; the person with sparkling eyes will be able to attract the attention of others. That is why people take all precautions available to protect the eyes. Eye lashes give elegance to the eyes. The modern science has us given a wonderful product called ‘Mascara’ which actually redefines the beauty of the eyes.

What is Mascara?

It is the gift of modern science which is available in the form of cream. It is also available in the form of cake and liquid. By applying this on the eyelashes, they get darkened which in turn gives elegance to the eyes. It is applied with a brush. It is applied liberally on the eye lashes. Depending on the darkness required, the application of Mascara is repeated.

How to apply?

Before applying, ensure that the Mascara is in the right texture. It should not be too thick or thin. If it is clogged, it will not be possible to pick it up properly onto the brush. Depending on the texture, use the Mascara powder. Now start applying from the root and gradually go towards the tips. Some who do not have enough time to spare will apply it only on the tips. Ensure that the brush is in good condition. After applying, if something flaky is found in the eyelashes, then it would mean that the Mascara is too dry. If it is too thin, then the eyelashes will not appear dark even after applying the Mascara.

Remove before going to sleep:

Dip a cotton swab in the remover and gently stroke the swab in downward position to remove the Mascara. Eye lashes are one of the delicate areas and so remove the Mascara with care. If forced, the eye lashes may come out and it would take months for the new eye lashes to grow. Be sure that you are not allergic to Mascara. Watch for the expiry date, but in any event it is advisable to replace the Mascara once in three months.