Maternity Clothing Options

maternity clothing

maternity clothingMaternity styles have definitely evolved over the years.  At first, women were left with very little options and often wore clothes during their pregnancy that either did not fit right or looked like a tablecloth.  With all of the hip and stylish new selections in the maternity clothing market, new mothers-to-be are having a fun time shopping to accentuate their bump. Manufacturers have expanded their lines to include clothing that goes from casual day wear to office attire and evening wear.  Here are some fashionable suggestions for when you are ready to start buying maternity clothes.

Maternity jeans used to have just one pattern and were held up by an unattractive elastic waist band.  Now women have their choice in rise, denim color, length, and waistband.  Maternity jeans are now designed like pre-pregnancy jeans and women are able to select boot cut styles, straight legged jeans and even different washes.

The silly bows and buttons that used to decorate maternity formal wear have been replaced with sleek silhouettes and elegant color patterns.  The new maternity formal attire is versatile enough to be worn at a black tie event of a less formal party.  The dresses are stylish enough that they can either work on their own or be accessorized with scarves or wraps.

Maternity designers have even gone so far as to create wedding gowns.  Years ago it was taboo for a pregnant woman to show at her wedding.  Now it is celebrated with a wide range of elegant, simple and sophisticated wedding gowns.  The empire waist is a popular style because it is fitted at the top to show off the woman’s newly acquired cleavage and it flows out from under the bust line for comfort.

Many pregnant women have taken to swimming as a form of exercise.  Other pregnant women are not shy about showing off their bump in a swimsuit.  There are now many modern swimsuits available for pregnant women.  Adventurous pregnant women can show off their bump in a sexy, comfortable two piece.  If you’re looking for a bit more coverage, try a one piece with a flowing skirt or even a tankini.

As you grow in your pregnancy you will realize that you cannot wear your pre-pregnancy bras.  Maternity bras used to come in just the basic colors and left the woman feeling more utilitarian and less sexy.  Maternity bras now have a variety of different designs for maximum support.  They are also available in an array of styles and colors to make the woman feel pretty and sexy.  Many maternity bras also have a built in nursing flap.