Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment

The first reaction of the women suffering from dry, damaged hair and other hair problems is to opt for expensive shampoos and conditioners that are marketed as being the best products for your hair.Hair Treatment

Unfortunately this is far from the truth as the harsh chemicals in these products aggravate your hair problems even more. They strip the hair off their shine and luster making them increasingly prone to breakage. The best option for women in this case is to opt for a natural hair treatment.

One of the most popular choices for women is the use of mayonnaise, a natural moisturizing agent that can restore the sheen to your hair.

The main benefit of mayonnaise is its conditioning properties. The thick mayonnaise when applied to the hair forms a protective barrier on the damaged hair cuticles and repairs it.  This is thus a boon for people with dry frizzy hair who have to constantly battle with problems of split ends.

conditioning properties

In addition to this, mayonnaise is also quite well known as a natural head lice treatment. Unlike the head lice shampoos in the market, a mayonnaise treatment allows the lice to be smothered without damaging the hair.

To use this hair treatment, apply mayonnaise from the root to the tip so that it coats the hair shafts completely. Leave it on for fifteen to twenty and rinse off with cold water. If you are using it as a head lice treatment, then first remove all the nits from the hair, apply the mayonnaise and leave it on for two hours. Wrap your hair with a towel and after two hours wash off with cold water.

apply mayonnaise

Mayonnaise can also be used for hair packs along with other natural ingredients like eggs, lemon juice and olive oil. In a cup, add mayonnaise and two tablespoons of olive oil. Add the juice of one lemon and one egg yolk and mix well. Wash our hair prior to applying this hair pack. Leave it on for approximately twenty to thirty minutes after covering your hair with a shower cap.

hair packs

Observe beautifully conditioned hair once you rinse off the hair pack with cold water. If you have persistent dandruff problems then replace the olive oil with coconut oil in this hair pack.