Medium Length Hairstyles For Women

Medium length hair is the most common length hair of hair sported by women. It is not too short and neither is it too long hence, making this length very versatile. There are innumerable styles ranging from the romantic and dreamy hairstyle to the rock and roll chic look which can be given off by appropriately styling your medium length hair.

This length, however, requires a certain amount of maintenance and looking after as you need to regularly shampoo, condition and trim your hair to maintain the hair quality and length. Here are four stunning medium length hairstyles one can sport this season.

Hairstyles For Medium Hair

The Volume Enhancing Curls 

These volume enhancing curls form the ultimate look when it comes to medium length hairstyles meant for curly hair. This hairstyle enhances the volume of hair and looks beautiful on women who have oval, round or square shaped faces. This style works for women who have thick to medium length hair as well as those who possess fine hair as the curls make the hair look pretty voluminous and creative.


To get this style, first detangle your hair and then divide the hair into sections to create two sections horizontally so that there is an upper and lower section. Leave the upper section and take the lower section which will again be divided into several sections which will be curled using a heated curling iron. For the fringes, curl the fringe softly and angle it to one side so that it suits the hairstyle. Complete the look by using a light hold misty hairspray to hold the curls together.

The Side Swept Hair 

The side swept hair is a gorgeous hairstyle and is meant for special occasions like weddings or parties. This hairstyle looks amazingly good with one shoulder and strapless dresses and the hair should be kept on the other side of the bare side of the shoulder to give off a stunning look.

side swept hairstyles

To get this look, detangle the hair, blow dry it using a paddle brush and then tousle the hair using your fingers to get some separation. Now, separate the hair into several sections, curl it and then set it on the shoulder you wish to keep it on. Secure it with bobby pins and complete the look by applying a shine hair spray to add gloss to the hairstyle.

The Face Framing Layers 

The face framing layers is similar to the wavy and romantic layers but in this style the layers are longer and are styled to make sure they frame your face. You can pair the layers with a side sweeping fringe as well.

Face Framing Layers

Now blow dry the layers by adding a concentrator to the dryer and then bend the sections of hair such that they outline the face. You can also create a lift to the layers if you want to add volume to the look. Now, set the fringe to one side and complete the look by spraying a light hold hairspray. 

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The Rock Chic Look 

rock chic hairstyle

The rock chic look works best on straight hair which is finely textured and consists of sharp layers which give off an edgy look. The fringe can be sharp as well. Flat iron the hair and then run your fingers through it to make it a bit messy.