Medium Prom Hairstyles

If you are blessed with medium length of hair and plan to stylize your hair for your prom, then innumerable styles are waiting to give you a stunning look. All you have to do is to consult an experienced beautician who can suggest you which hairstyle will suit you the best and help you to leave even your close friends envy you at the night of your prom.

So do not waste time because your middle length hair is waiting to be pampered and organized as your prom day is knocking at your door.

Stylish Medium Prom Hairstyles For Girls

Tousled And Teased

If you want to adopt a flirty look to catch some one special’s eyes then Tousled and Teased can be a lucrative hairstyle for you.

Tousled And Teased

Soft curls arrange down about to veil a little portion of your face while the rest of hair is positioned into an elegant twist. The ups and downs of such curls and the teasing pieces of your hair will give you a flirty look that suits the spirit of occasions like Prom parties.

A Bump And Twist

A Bump and Twist will look fabulous if you apply some vibrant color in it but copper hue is the ideal color for you if you are blessed with a fair complexion. A side portion, a teased coronet and a shiny twirl come together and formed impressively into a low cluttered twist.

Bump And Twist

You can design A Bump and Twist with colorful hair clips and bobby pins that will give you a damn cute natural image. Use of hold spray can give this a touch of elegancy for sure.

Sweet Innocence

A cute sparking hair band can complement your Sweet Innocence haircut the most. This hairstyle will show case your cute girly image for sure. Soft wavy curls that veil a few portions of the face and a cotton bonbon bun at backside make you a perfect bride or prom. If you are using a hair band or ribbon to design your Sweet Innocent make sure you are placing them at least one inch back from the hair lines.

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Rockabilly Roll

Rockabilly Roll is about adding a sexy hair roll to the façade that give you a perfect rock and images. And how can we forget about slicked ponytail at the back?

Rockabilly Roll

That super cool pony tail with the perfect combination of chunky curls and a retro like twisted bang will lead you to leave the people speechless. You can also apply any of the vibrant colors like deep copper color to give a sexier touch to your new haircut.

Retro Twist

If you are retro fan then your Retro Twist haircut can work just like a time machine for you. But please do not misinterpret the style as backdated. This special hair cut will give the taste of a brand new wine in an old bottle. The chunky side curls and a teased twirl will give you perfect classy touch that highlights everlasting beauty of a woman that is being worshiped even by the poets.

Twisted Retro

You can give a brand new look to your hair for your prom and that too in an easy way. You even do not have to spend a long time to do or maintain such hairstyle. So adopt a beautiful hairstyle and get ready to be the centre of the attraction of your prom night.