Memory Improvement Obstacles And Solutions

Memory Improvement

Memory power is a gift.  It is possible to improve your memory on day-to-day basis.  Organize your daily activities.  The brain takes ten new bits of information per second throughout its life and not become full according to Rosenzwig’s (a theologian and philosopher) calculation.

Memory Improvement

The very first step involved in memory enhancement is the belief that you have a strong memory and that you just need to polish it a bit.

Here Are Some Of The Causes For Poor Memory:

Lack of interest is the biggest and most common cause of poor memory.  Therefore, cultivate interest in your tasks to keep yourself alert and keep your memory sharp.

Lack of discipline is another factor that hampers our concentration and leads to bad memory.  Keeping up a disciplined life on a day-to-day basis will not only help your memory but will also as an additional reward keep you healthy.

Lack of discipline

Just like indiscipline, dislikes (like disliking our teachers, officials, sub- ordinates, dislike of comments from family members, etc.) also makes us drift our concentration from a topic.  Hence, we lose interest and it results in poor memory.  To deal with such situations, use the positive autosuggestion technique (thinking of good points of the things or people you dislike).

Poor sleep is another factor responsible for bad memory.  A good seven to eight hours of sleep is essential for every human.  Following a proper sleep pattern that is going to bed and rising at the same time everyday would help a great deal.

There are other experimented methods of improving your memory, such as, playing games that hence your memory power, utilizing the technique such as link method, keyword method, face-name method, phonetic method, repetition, revision, etc.

Exercising is another very important aspect of healthy life.  We all know that exercise keeps our body fit but many may not be aware of the fact that correct aerobic exercising provides sufficient amount of oxygen to the brain.


Your food is also contributing to your memory, surprised?  Like we eat food for our body, we also need vitamins for our brain.  There are certain food items that have proven to improve brain activities and enhance memory.  A few of them are apples, eggs, salmon, green vegetables, fish oil, etc.


As I said earlier memory is a gift that should be taken care of by us.  An individual with good memory is an asset and is looked upon by everyone. By following these tips you can improve your memory.