Mesmerizing Tattoo Designs For Women

A lovely tattoo can take a women’s beauty to new heights. A clear and nice feminine tattoo chosen well and executed even better is a possession of power and grace for modern females, who are unconventional and bold; more expressive than ever.

Let us have a quick look at some categories or styles of lovely tattoo designs for women, with vibrant colors and captivating curves. Tattoos have extended themselves from the arms and legs for the gorgeous women of the day, to the back, thighs, waist, even the chest and face areas. Some good ideas for the body art are as follows.

Attractive Tattoo Designs For Women

Designs For The Back

The wonderful ideas for the etchings on the back of gorgeous women to flaunt are quite a few. An angel wings design is very charming and looks great with a dash of color like pink, red, blue, yellow or any, added according to personal preference. Another drawing for the feminine back is a cute tiger cub in bright yellow. The subtle color looks amazing on the fairer skin.

Design At The back

Also, colorful butterfly wings covering the back, is a nice idea.  Another very sweet and unique idea for the same is a delicate hummingbird just flown from the branch of a colorful bush. A similar style is the winged heart, more appropriate for the teenagers. And for the auspicious women, a set of Chinese symbols look lucky and elegant, and also unique.

Designs For The Arms

Design At The arm

Amazingly nice and simple designs for the arms are Chinese symbols, dog paws, a beautiful soft feather, a heart with an arrow, a lovely fish with some water. A long design that women can flaunt very well is a beautiful twine or pink flowers on a twisted branch.

Designs For The Waist

Some soft etches for the female waists that can stun the onlookers are complex thorn tattoos, with their twists and subtle artistry. A simple rose, a fish or a small bird peeping through its wide eyes, look very pretty there. Nowadays, we find daring, tomboyish and bold girls who want to threaten, impress with their style.

design at the waist

They can get a single, or double revolvers on their waist; truly unique. Similarly, lizard tattoo, colored dragon style symbolize power. A simple, friendly shape, on the other hand, can be a huge dolphin wrapped around the waist.

Some Shapes For The Ankles

design at the ankle

Well, an ankle is a very nice area for creativity. There is a lot of scope to personalize one’s own fancies. A nice twines or flower crawling over the feet down starting from the ankles, a dragon clung on to the ankle, a nice Chinese heart just above the ankles, are some favorites.

Shapes For The Wrists

wrist design

Well, a very visible area as the waist needs unique, simple yet original tattoo designs for women. A skeleton band or an iron chain style for the rugged look, a heart band for the romantics, a rose band for the nature lovers, dog paws for the dog lovers, or an aesthetic and sincere design like a praying hands carrying a beaded thread may look awesome.