Moisturizers for Proper Skin Care

Apart from skin problems that need special medical attention, moisturizer is the most basic treatment for skin problems.

Moisturizers are great for the prevention and treatment of many damaging effects of the environment and climatic conditions. Generally, if the body is properly nourished, it can provide natural skin supplements to protect it from getting harmed. However, excessive heat, pollution and the ultraviolet rays of the sun dehydrate the skin and even destroy areas beyond the surface.

That is why moisturizer must be applied to the skin to avoid dehydration. The best time for applying moisturizers is after every bath because it can be easily absorbed, therefore trapping the moisture under your skin.

Choosing the perfect moisturizer
There are numerous varieties of moisturizers available in the market, but you must not just jump and buy the first one that you see. Check the label first for the ingredients like Avocado Oil, Vitamin E Oil or Jojoba Oil. Most advisable are those with natural organic properties. It is safer to use organic formulations as compared to the chemical based products.

Type of skin moisturizers
Some get confused regarding what moisturizer to use because there is a range of products to choose from. You need not be, moisturizers are designed to suit skin textures that vary accordingly to body parts, and of course, skin condition.

What you should do is buy one for your body and one for your face. Do not use your body moisturizer for your facial care because it is too strong, nor use your facial cream on your body because it is too light and will not give enough protection to your skin.

Try also giving your skin a breather from the use of over-the-counter skin care products by making your own brand of treatment at home.

Easy homemade skin care products
Avocado and Watermelon are great organic moisturizers. Both have properties that can normalize skin temperature and remove dullness of the skin. You only have to put about a tablespoon of Lemon juice over a slice of Watermelon. Refrigerate, and then slice it into tiny strips. Paste it on your face. Leave it for some time and rinse.

Try another one with a medium size Avocado. Remove the pulp. Avocado has natural oil compound that is great for skin maintenance. Mix it with a teaspoon each of Honey and Lemon juice. Lastly, add curd. Blend well until you get a heavier cream and refrigerate it for about half an hour. Apply it overnight on your face and neck. Properly rinse in the morning.