Monsoon Makeup Tips

monsoon-make-up-tipsMake up tips for the monsoon seasons.

Foundation: Avoid concealer as much as possible and use face powder instead. Concealers should be avoided during the monsoon seasons, and foundations should replace them. Apply foundation only on areas that need touching up. Use a water proof foundation so that it doesn’t bleed in the rain.

Powder: Use a little powder just to hide the oily skin. Avoid pressed powders as they become patchy in the monsoon seasons. Use loose powder.

Mascara: Avoid kajal in the monsoon seasons and use eyeliners and mascaras that are water proof so they do not bleed in the rain.

Eye shadows: Do not opt for a creamy eye shadow as it can melt off the face. Use powder shadows. Go for brown, pink and beige as they are easy to maintain in the rain.

Blush: A lightly applied blush looks pretty on the face. You can opt for cream blushes as they stay on even if the face gets wet. But make sure to blend them properly. Go for brown and peach shades.

Eyebrows: Keep the eyebrows in shape by threading or tweezing. Avoid eyebrow pencils in the monsoon seasons, as they can bleed upon getting wet. Shape the brows with hair gels.

Lips: Use color that is long lasting. Use a variety of lipsticks that are non-transferable. Go for powder matte colors and crème matte tones instead of the creamy and glossy lipsticks. Avoid gloss during the monsoons.

Hair: The monsoon season makes the hair messy, but you can avoid the messy, tangled look by following these tips:

Avoid hair sprays and gels in the monsoon seasons, as they can make the hair stick on the scalp, resulting in dandruff. Massage the scalp with the fingers every night to enhance the blood circulation. To keep the hair free from damage, use a hot oil treatment once a week. Tie long hair while going out. If you are an outdoor type of person, then go for short hair as it is easy to maintain. Long hair tends to break off when it is wet. Dry the long hair as soon as it gets wet in the rain.

Apply the given tips and endure the monsoon season without any tension.