4 Most Attractive Nail Design Tips

Nail Design

Today all women want to look attractive and they take care of their whole body from head to toe to make this possible. Nowadays Nail Art As The Latest Accessory For Women nail designs are dominating the world of beauty and fashion. Nail Design

Nail art can simply be defined as the art of applying decorative designs and accessories to your nails to express your personality and draw attention towards your hands.

It can impart additional appeal to your appearance. Many salons are now offering creative, imaginative and unique nail art designs as a part of their service. You can accessorize or decorate your nails to match your outfit. Nail art involves variety of techniques, accessories, tools and designs including animal print, flower designs, glitters and rhinestones etc.

Accessories that are often used for decorating nails include beads, precious stones, stickers, metals, glitters, plastic flowers and stars etc. You can learn this technique and do it yourself at home or can get it done by professional manicurist in a salon. Many salons or beauty parlors have nail art printers that can print designs of your choice on your fingernails. Decorating your nails is a great way of expressing yourself.

Nail decoration

Nail designing can be done at the comfort of your home also. For that you have to buy your own tools. It is possible to experiment with different designs.

Designs can be applied easily and can also be removed when required. For getting optimum results, you must give enough time to one color for drying, before applying the other. A perfect color combination is required for creating a unique design.

First of all choose suitable and attractive colors that can complement each other. Choose any metallic color for the base and bright colors for coating and polishing. Combining different colors for designing your nails is the best way to make them look attractive and glamorous.

For example, a combination of red with silver or gold touch can make your nail design the most attractive one. Use a nail pen to create these designs. Nail pen distributes the polish evenly and in an intricate manner.

Most Attractive Nail Design Tips

Popular Nail Designs

Nail artists are creating unlimited nail designs these days. The most popular nail designs include butterfly, flowers, stars, animal prints etc. However, some classic nail art remain in fashion forever. These include:

Popular Nail Designs

French Manicure

French manicure is a sophisticated and simple nail art that has been used for years. Many women like French manicure for its simplicity and classic well-groomed appearance. This nail art requires some specific tools.

Tips of the fingernails are painted with white paint.  Rest of the nails is painted with pink coat or polished with pale pink color. French manicure is ideal for short and moderate length nails.

French Manicure

Animal Prints

Animal print nail arts are very popular these days especially leopard and zebra print. They can be applied easily at home also. If you are trying this design at home, apply brown color at the base for leopard and white for zebra print.

Let it dry properly. Now use a nail polish pen or striper brush and paint the stripes or spots over it. Ask the technician for more ideas if you are visiting a nail art salon.

Animal Prints

Gel Impressions

Another technique is gel impression.  In this nail art application, the glitter or pure color is used as base coat. Over the base coat, a thick coat of gel polish is applied and design is created in the gel polish.

It is best to get it done by professional nail artist. Besides this pearls, studs, sequins and rhinestones are used to design nails with the help of nail adhesives to make them look attractive.

Gel Impressions