Most Common Teeth Whitening Procedures

teeth whitening procedure

teeth whitening procedureTeeth are the most important part of your mouth that helps you to chew your food so that the food can easily get digested. If you do not clean your teeth then the germs will destroy your teeth.

Your teeth will also start losing the original color, that is white, and will become yellowish and will have bad smell too. People who have this problem will surely feel embarrassed when they come in front of the public. Teeth whitening is one of the best ways to bring back that white color of your teeth.
Earlier the procedures of teeth whitening was little difficult and it was only done by the dentists. These days if anyone wishes to have a Hollywood smile, they do not have to visit a dentist.

Earlier when people thought of teeth whitening they used to get scared because of the pain involved in it but today there are different types of procedures available that involves less pain. There are many people who step back when they think of the cost involved in the teeth whitening procedure. It is quite difficult to tell the exact cost of the tooth whitening process but the cost generally starts around six hundred and fifty dollars. These days’ people are trying to get the teeth whitening products available in the market for the tooth whitening process to bring down the actual cost.

Today the most common dental problem among the people is the dull and yellow teeth. The teeth of a person can become stain free and lighter than before with the teeth whitening procedure. Both the enamel and dentin have to get bleached under the process of whitening teeth in order to make the teeth brighter. There are many processes available for whitening your teeth. Hence you need to decide which one will be suitable for you.

Laser Bleaching Teeth Whitening Procedure

Among so many teeth whitening procedure the laser bleaching with the whitening gel is known as the most effective bleaching system. In this method first the translucent bleaching gel is applied to the yellow and brown stained teeth. Then the teeth enamel is allowed to increase the teeth’s lightening. There is no fixed time for the process as it varies from person to person.

The best advantage of this teeth whitening procedure is that you will surely achieve that bright smile you always wanted. The only disadvantage is the cost of this procedure as it can be expensive and may be out of the budget for some people.

Other Procedure For Teeth Whitening

The painting of teeth is also one of the easiest procedures for teeth whitening but it sounds difficult for most of the people. This will not at all be a difficult process if one reads the instruction given on the kit carefully.

If you have read the instruction properly then you will not have difficulty in understanding how to apply the paint on your teeth. In order to achieve the whiteness you want for your teeth you need to paint your teeth carefully and for the specific time you need to allow it to get set.

teeth whitening procedure

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The teeth whitening procedure with the tooth paste is another method for getting brighter teeth. There is a special type of toothpaste available that can be used for the tooth whitening process. This specially designed toothpaste can easily replace your ordinary paste and with regular use you can get outstanding result. After few days of use you can even measure your progress with the help of the guide available in the box.

Reasons For the Bad And Dull Teeth

People experience dull teeth and they look for ways to get the bright teeth back but no one ever tried to find out the reason behind the dull teeth. Basically when a person does not follow the proper eating habit or starts smoking the teeth begin to become yellow and dull.

With the teeth whitening procedure you must also take care of your eating habit and quit smoking. Poor dental care is also another reason for dull teeth. With the dentists you will find different types of teeth whitening procedures available that you have to follow regularly.

For the regular smokers toothpaste can be one of the best ways in order to get the shiny teeth. This process requires lot of effort and time for cleaning the teeth and removing the stains. Whitening stripes are also great for the people to get the bright teeth as this removes the stains easily and whitens the teeth.
One has to put more effort and time for the teeth whitening procedure if the person wants to achieve the same old brightness.

There are some more reasons that are responsible for the dull teeth and getting stains on the teeth. Drinking lot of coffee and tobacco intake also spoils the whiteness of your teeth. The teeth whitening procedure or any other treatment will only work if the person understands the main cause and starts avoiding. In this case you can also take the help of the teeth whitening specialists who will assist you better in solving your problem. The time period for the teeth whitening process will be around couple of months.

Remember the stains on the teeth are of two types one is intrinsic and another one is extrinsic. The intrinsic stains are generally the minor ones and with the normal teeth whitening procedure the stains are easily removed. The extrinsic stains generally occurred on the surface of the teeth and this is caused due to beverages, dark colored food, and tobacco. Some of the extrinsic stains are removed by bleaching. The intrinsic stain becomes extrinsic stains when it is not handled properly.

Some of the home made teeth whitening procedures are great for getting whiter and brighter teeth. You can take strawberry juice and lemon juice with baking soda paired up to make your teeth white. This teeth whitening procedure will be in your budget and it is also easy to use. Remember healthy teeth are important for the healthy smile so keep your teeth shining always.