4 Most Common Workout Mistakes

4 Most Common Workout Mistakes

Regular exercise is a very good thing for the perfect body and soul but it not not at all advised to get yourself involved into an advanced exercise programmer which may put you in a dangerous situation.It is a very important consideration for a beginner as the body is not at all ready to do all sorts of exercise and any type of exertion will put you in danger and may lead to frustration or an injury.

The right type of information and motivation should always be with you to get the maximum advantage from your exercise schedule.But still some people do some mistakes that can be easily avoided but it is not good for the body.Check out the most common workout mistakes that people do in a gym.

Common Workout Mistakes

Skipping The Warm-Up

Muscles take time to get them adjusted to the needs of the exercise. So before hitting the gym or doing your regular workout, give some time to walk on the treadmill or cycle to prepare the body for heavier workout.The light sweat that will come will pump your blood and warm the muscles and ligaments which will reduce the risk of injury.

warm up

Skipping The Cool-Down

Avoid skipping the cool down session by giving the reason time constraints. Some people go straight to take showers as the treadmill dings,but try to lower your heart rate as close to the resting rate. This will rule out the possibility of any injury and put some relaxation into your routine. Not stretching.Regular stretching will increase your flexibility as the flexible muscles are less likely to get pulled than the impervious ones.So always stretch after and before a heavy workout schedule.


Avoid stretching a muscle without warming up to rule out the chances of any injury. Lifting too much too fast. Avoid lifting muscles as the muscles are not prepared to deal with it and it is one of the best ways to increase the muscle strength. The weight that you will use to do the repetitions should be the one by which you can safely do at least 10-15 repetitions and in case you find it difficult to do ten reps then they weight must be too heavy for you.A five percent weight increase is recommended in case you can lift the weight with 15 reps.

Eating An Inadequate Diet

Adequate fuel is necessary for any successful workout. Some people resort to skipping the meals when they are on a weight loss journey which is not right. Even if you are on a weight loss program, you should follow the right diet plans by eating healthy food and by avoiding spicy and oily food.

spicy food

The most of the weight training and working in a gym depends upon how much energy you have to use so eat a well balanced snack with full of protein and carbohydrates in it at least two hours before hitting the gym.

Not Varying The Type Of Exercises

Most of the people work out in the similar way daily which is wrong. Instead working out should be done with a number of different exercises and increase in number of reps.This is because sticking to the same routine of exercise for more than six weeks will put your body in a state of saturation point with no further weight loss and muscle building. So incorporate new and challenging exercises in your workout schedule.

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So keep in mind these workout mistakes and avoid doing them to lead a better and healthy life.