Multiple Pregnancy And Risks Associated With It

Multiple Pregnancy And Risks Associated With It

Multiple Pregnancy And Risks Associated With ItAll of us must have heard about the possible risks associated with multiple birth pregnancy. It is necessary to understand the possible complications and risks associated with birth of twins, triplet and sometimes more.

If you know the symptoms and treatment options, it will help you to cope with the problems you may face during pregnancy. Multiple pregnancies can pose risk to mother as well as babies. Some of the risks pose threat to babies only, while there are certain conditions that put direct impact on mother’s health.

If you familiarize yourself with possible concerns and their warning signs, you can immediately seek a doctor’s help and get timely and appropriate treatment. Some of the potential risks are:

Multiple Pregnancy And Risks Associated With It

Preterm Labor and Premature Birth

Premature birth and premature labor is the major risk associated with multiple pregnancies. The preterm labor can be managed by medical professionals if the situation is addressed by them timely. For this, you and your partner need to know the symptoms of premature labor and what will be the course of action if you experience such conditions.

Placental Problems

After the 20th week, pregnant woman with twins or multiple pregnancy are at higher risk for complication like placenta previa and placenta abruptio in which placenta partially get detached from uterus before delivery, leading to bleeding and abdominal pain. But careful monitoring of mother can detect the problem before they pose a threat.

Incompetent Cervix

Incompetent Cervix is a condition in which the cervix opens early and causes bleeding in pregnant woman. This often leads to miscarriage during second trimester. But early detection is necessary for a woman with multiple pregnancies, because as her babies grow, she feels pressure on the pelvic floor.

Multiple Pregnancy And Risks Associated With It


Often woman with multiple pregnancies is advised bed rest for some time or put on a tilted bed with elevated lower body above her head in order to relieve pressure on pelvic floor.

Gestational Diabetes

Carrying multiple babies can increase hormone level in mother and inhibits the body’s ability to process insulin; as a result, the mom suffers from gestational diabetes. Taking proper diet and regular monitoring can help to control it. Babies do not face any risk due to this condition.

Heart Problems

A recent study has revealed the woman who carries multiple fetuses has the risk of heart problems due to increased physiological stress she bears during pregnancy.

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Preeclampsia and PIH

Women with multiple pregnancies mostly suffer from elevated blood pressure called PIH (Pregnancy –Induced Hypertension). If you are suffering from this condition, your blood pressure should be checked regularly. Your doctor may advice bed rest, restricted activity and sometimes medication also.

In severe cases, early delivery becomes the only solution.  Elevated blood pressure is sometimes accompanied by a condition called Preeclampsia, in which the mother suffers from proteinuria (protein in the urine). It can lead to serious complications like stroke, seizures or kidney failure. However, if babies are delivered safely, it goes away automatically.

Iron-deficiency Anemia

Iron-deficiency anemia is a condition in which women with multiple pregnancies can suffer from low level of iron in her red blood cells that carries oxygen. If untreated, the deficiency can affect the growth of babies and mother can develop complications as well. Take iron and folic acid supplement prescribed by your doctor regularly.

Today medical science has advanced so much that a woman with multiple birth pregnancy can also successfully give birth to her babies without risking her life, though it is called “high risk” pregnancy. Mom is closely watched, more ultrasounds, blood tests and fetal monitoring is done for safe delivery.

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