Myths and Breast Cancer

breast-cancerThere are many facts about breast cancer that are world known. One of those facts being that it is a leading killer in women. There are many facts about this disease that people don’t know and may dispel as a myth.

One of those myths is that breast cancer is just a woman’s disease. Breast cancer can strike men as well. Although it is rare, it does happen. Because men do not give themselves regular breast exams and do not get checked for it at the doctors often enough, they have a higher danger factor than women.

Many women also believe that if they find a lump in their breast that it is automatically breast cancer. This is not true. Many of the lumps that are found in our breasts are completely natural. They can form from calcium deposits or the simple formation of a cyst. It is true that family history plays a role, but we can just develop the disease.

Believe it or not, some people actually believe that breast cancer is contagious. This is an absolute preposterous idea. It is not a disease that you can catch from someone else. Breast cancer is a disease that you get from your body, whether it just forms or you have a family history.

It is also important to know that you can get breast cancer at any age. Some feel that you can only get this if you are old. That is not true. Breast cancer does not discriminate against age, race, color or sex. It can attack at any time.

You should also know that your breast size has nothing to do with it either. Whether you are an A cup or a double D, it really makes no bit of difference. If a man can get breast cancer then that should tell you right there that the size of your breast is totally and completely irrelevant.

So remember, when you have questions about breast cancer, you should do your research and even speak with your doctor. Everything that you hear is not true and should be taken with a grain of salt until you have the proof you need.

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