Nail Care Tips

Our hands are one such part of our body that must be kept clean at all the times no matter what you are doing, where you are going as, these are always noticed by others. When you meet someone you greet them by shaking hands and when you bid good-bye you do that by waving your hands and in this whole scenario, the nails are most noticed.

So to keep then clean, tidy and in shape is a must do thing for all of us. If you do not have good clean nails, it leaves a very bad impression on the other person. But generally what has been noticed is that lot many people do not know how to take care of our nails and hands and so these are often ignored in our skin care regimen. But worry not as now you can just get those perfect looks for your nails and that too without spending much money.

Here are some very useful and effective tips for nail care:

First of all, you must make it a habit to wash your hands whenever you come home from out, after finishing off with your food, after cooking and after every house hold work that you do. This takes away all the dust from the nail cuticles and you must also always apply a good moisturizer on your hands to keep them soft.

A manicure session every week is very much essential if you want to maintain good nails. Manicure takes away all the accumulated dust from the cuticles and your knuckles and also deep cleanses the skin around. Not just this, your nails are also filed with each manicure session that you take.

To make your nails strong and shiny, soak them in warm olive oil for ten minutes every fortnight and massage the oil on your fingers. This would get a natural shine to your nails and will also make the nails strong so that they do not break that easily.

In the end, it is advised that you must keep your nails in shape by filing them every week and never leave them without nail paint and also, apply base coat before applying the nail color to let it remain for longer time.